offline LoA-Heitah Senior  
Monday 17/05/2010, 21:52

Please post your 1300+ elo decks here. Please specify the following:
1. What mode you played it on, normal or no random.
2. Key strategic points. Example, I use 1 pill on Arkn as an opener.
3. Why your deck has been successful.

Last week I hit 1310 with this deck:
1. I used normal mode.
2. 1 pill opener Arkn. Phyllis 1 pill card typically used in 3rd round or opener. Rolph and Oshitsune are must winners. Don't underestimate the power of Pan.
3. Lots of stops. Variety: Life gain, dmg reduction, life removal, power reduction.

offline swagmaster420 Guru TRiNiTY
Saturday 16/10/2010, 18:21

I dumped Jungo for Roots after losing 1300 the first time smiley

offline Sablefox91 Master  
Sunday 17/10/2010, 23:43
Threw it together on a whim and got on a nice win streak. (To 1305)

I found that if you have Gibson and you play him first, people will let him through, especially if you have Freaks with their bonus. I also like pilling once after poison is applied. Most people think you're going to no pill to let the poison sink in, so they don't pill at all, and just use a higher power card.

offline yugirival Veteran The Cunning Gambit
Monday 18/10/2010, 01:29

1313 ELO! Milovan does not suck!

1313 ELO. 8D
Please give it some. smiley

offline jd105l Veteran  
Friday 22/10/2010, 19:59

Hit 1309 this morning.
finished the run from 1150-1300 going 16-5-0. (someone made it public before i could by 2 hrs)
half nightmare, half jungo.



assuming a hand with one of the 5* hitters and Phyllis... lead off with phyllis w/ 1+ 4-5pills. I didn't keep stats, but I'ld say this won at least 80% of the time and in the process took down one of the opponents' key cards. Finish with a furried 5* hitter, or setup wins with pan/nyema lifegains.

if you got a hand with both 5*s, you almost always went first, and depending on the opponent draw, you could 2pill a 5*, relying on your other cards if the first one gets beat.

even if you got a hand with neither askai or ghumbo, you'ld still have a good shot to win with the 3* lifegappers.

Phyllis was definiately the MVP in the deck.
Most underused was Scopica... probably only won with her 4 times during the whole run. Maybe switch her for Radek?

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