offline 0 AI D0minate Hero  
Thursday 10/06/2010, 20:07

Im using fang pi for elo, one of their cr cards is 8 8 pwr reduce

offline Edon EG Imperator  
Thursday 10/06/2010, 20:46

You be winning with them?

offline _wise_ Titan the courtyard of shadows
Thursday 10/06/2010, 20:58

Urrm well done for finding that out.....

offline - Silver Hero Open Casket
Thursday 10/06/2010, 21:16

Um, ok?...Don't really see the purpose of this thread...
Anywho, Eyrik > Kerozinn Cr.
Sacrifice a little damage, but all of your cards gain Kerozinn's ability.

offline Edon EG Imperator  
Thursday 10/06/2010, 21:25

offline Zincomega Titan THE_POWER
Friday 11/06/2010, 00:28

Cool story bro

offline Toxica Legend Open Casket
Friday 11/06/2010, 00:37

Sacrificing damage is easier on the tongue, but in game that extra 3 damage can make winning a battle SO much easier.

offline UM_Fnord Titan  
Friday 11/06/2010, 09:28

Sung Tsu and Nakata for this week. smiley

offline fallenhonor44 Novice  
Monday 14/06/2010, 04:53

Fang pi is not as bad as people say and it is even possible to get over 1300 elo with them even if you are not rich and have none of their crs.
Ok, it is true that kerozinn cr and marlysa cr are some of the best fang pi and making a deck is impossible without them. However, kerozinn cr can be replaced with kuei with an sob which is better most of the time besides a 1 power advantage. Marlsya can also be replaced by chan who is a monster at 10/3 which is just as good as a 7/4 with sob. Of course, fang pi can only be played in a half deck right now so who are the other 2 cards? You got many options

Marlsya-only if you are super rich
Fei-Another power reducer which slaughters nanook and Loccio where other cards would have a LOT more trouble
Ungai lvl1/2-Unstable and expensive to replace the lvl 1 version but decent damage
Nakata-the solid 3 star of fang pi with stop power +2 this card is definitely worth of consideration
yumi-great attack manipulation but needs confidence
sayura- great attack manipulation and 1 power and 1 star off the mighty gatline of la junta

My favourite half deck of fang pi that I have gotten over 1300+ elo with is
Fei, Kuei, Chan, and nakata 14 stars
The other half could be these clans
Skeelz, Roots,ulu wata,
Fang pi is not that obsolete in elo just yet, with its many solid people and damage it is sure to stay with a few people in elo and once we get a GOOD attack manipulator or better low star people, fang pi is sure to rise in elo soon.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Monday 14/06/2010, 05:39

I run FPC half deck semi-regularly during the week

Kerozinn Nakata Fei and Chan make a high powered half deck that can win rounds and maintain pill advantage. (Kuei over Kerozinn works as others have said)

the problem with it is matching with another clan that can really benefit from the damage made by your FPC half
Chan's 3 damage and Nakata's 5 damage are awkward to work with.
the 8 damage threat from Kerozinn is huge.
youd need to pair the FPC half with either a defensive halfdeck (Pussycats, Roots, Sahkrom) or with another clan that will 2HKO with a lot of their cards.... so cards with 4 to 7 damage are best.... All Stars and Bangers come to mind.

i personally run this deck
art of peace&list" target="_blank"> of peace&list

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