offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Tuesday 29/06/2010, 18:11

Greetings. ;-]

Good players, intelligent players, sometimes end up on the wrong side of a bad situation.

Please make sure your accounts are "confirmed". This allows you to change your email address and password, from inside your UR profile. Without this ability, you will have a very difficult time reclaiming your account, should anyone else ever manage to access it.

Go to your player page, here:

Make sure you see "Your account is confirmed and secure." in black bold print, above the tabs.

IF YOU DO NOT, simply click on the link on that same page, to have the confirmation email sent to your registered email address. Click on the link in the email, and you're done.

IF YOU CAN'T access the email address you used when registering, then you MUST send a note to Customer Support.

Use this:

Tell them the old email address, and the 'correct' email address. It would be helpful if you could confirm the last time you purchased credits, by approximate date and amount. They will send you a link to the new email address. Click on it, and you're fine.

1) Avoid less secure free mail clients (i.e. - Hotmail & MSN)
2) NEVER click on suspicious links. Especially those promising something for nothing.
3) Don't give your password to ANYONE. Not your friend, not your guild founder, not a moderator. EVER.

Save yourself the headaches, friends. Confirm your account today. ;-]


P.S. - Once you confirm your account, you may wish to delete any emails with login and password information. This info is best stored offline, in case the email account itself is ever compromised.

offline - Kronos-_ Moderator Open Casket
Tuesday 25/12/2012, 16:32

What he said. Don't do stuff like this on public boards. Your making yourselves look bad . smiley

offline Saveroftime Hero TRiNiTY
Tuesday 25/12/2012, 18:37

Got the answer but only 40% smiley

Anyway.. Interested to know Did anyone got 1700 Elo ? smiley

offline upersFun Guru Rɘdvolution
Sunday 30/12/2012, 12:22

Hard to get great card,,,,,,, smiley

offline bgmm534 Titan  
Thursday 11/04/2013, 00:46

I NEED HELP! i bought Plunk a few days after his release and UR recognizes my purchase but he randomly disappeared from my collection and it was never sold or traded..... i wasnt credited with any clintz or anything and i want my card anyone have advice or help????

offline John Avocado Guru aussie crusaders
Thursday 11/04/2013, 15:04

Can anyone help me? Well, can Kate enable me to sell my cards once again without me buying creditssmiley I can't keep living like this.

offline -Argos-ZS Titan D-Versified
Friday 17/05/2013, 05:39

Allow me to answer all these really old questions:

Selina - No. ELO is really interesting to watch because success is limited by all the other players - not only do you stop earning points after playing the same player three (I think) times, you can only play players with scores 50 lower than yourself (or 150 lower, if they 'challenge' you. UR's rules are increasingly unrelated to the actual gameplay; there's no such thing as a "challenge" anymore so there's no telling if quickbattles pair you within 50 points to honor that rule or 150 to honor the other). Because of these two things, your maximum score is really dependent on everyone else, so you need a large amount of players coming very close to 1700 for anyone to ever actually reach it. Currently, the highest ranking ever is 1629 ELO, held by 0_nothing.

@upersFun Try redefining great. Great need not be expensive - there are some amazing 5k Freaks decks, for example, that can help you to start getting 1100 ELO, and it's a steady climb from there on out.

@bgmm534 (and everyone with any similar type of problem): is your best friend. Staff can do minimal without going through that link.

@Johnnae - Huh? You only have to buy credits (or do an offer for more than 5 credits, that's what most of us do) once to have unlimited market access. However, if you do more than 100 things on the market within a short period of time, you'll be temporarily banned from it.

Hope this is eventually helpful to someone smiley

offline John Avocado Guru aussie crusaders
Friday 17/05/2013, 06:14

Thanks argos smiley you're right since I can sell multiple cards daily after i got free credits from google play. smiley

offline SOF-Archinado Master Slaves of Freedom
Friday 09/08/2013, 08:43


offline facaletzu Master WHITE FIGHTERS
Tuesday 03/12/2013, 11:31

I can t buy cards from shop either selling them on market..i know im not in the right place but can anyone help me plm..
im really pissed

offline SM-fzr016 Titan Sticos Mutants
Wednesday 29/10/2014, 18:58

Thank u for this topic smiley

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