offline samdan87153 Legend  
Saturday 10/07/2010, 00:27

Can there PLEASE be some kind of extra penalty for intentionally leaving an ELO match? I'm tired of losing uphands of 10 pts from a KO with pillz remaining because some guy left the match.

It's gotten much worse lately, in the past 3 weeks I've probably had close to 100 matches end by my opponent leaving before the end.

Maybe something like if they leave the match they lose/you gain twice the ELO points you would normally get?

offline Sahil23 Imperator Open Casket
Tuesday 28/04/2015, 19:24

Lol sometimes the opponent times out(maybe bad internet lol)
So guys never leave unless absolutely necessary

offline 0 Arrogantaldo- Titan E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 29/04/2015, 09:33

What ever u guys say, I would continue to leave if i see i can't win after r2.. as a" not so bad" elo player I can say I understand a mode..

Does any of you guys know how it is after 1400 elo?
+7/8 for a win and -22 for 1 loose.

U think i will play a lost match after r2 and kill time just to see a -22 after a hard 1400...

Imo elo KO missions should be moved from the list of missions.. that' would be a better solution

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