offline _ Novice  
Wednesday 19/09/2007, 00:56

Hello,it wanted to know as they are going to be the next cr

offline roadkill1234 Guru  
Saturday 24/11/2007, 09:50

I hope charlie becomes a Cr,,, or maybe mojo... lol

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Sunday 25/11/2007, 03:54

Are Moderators privy to the information about Cards coming into the game, and becoming Crs?
for some reason i thought that they were trusted on the level fo policing the forums, but who knows the other information they know for sure?
though admittedly, moderators here are pretty good, i'm sure if they befriended someone even if they let slip insider information... they would ask that person to keep it quiet, because i'm sure it could be devistating to their job status.

offline ravvel Hero  
Sunday 25/11/2007, 09:33

First of all this subject doesn't belong here and has already gone too far

And to clarify some things...
Indeed the next collector cards will be the soleil characters, as memento mori said, the cards were introduced on the basis of a contract with Soleil (the cards are characters from soleils comic books) and all Soleil characters become cr after 6 month.

As for other collector cards, this is really an information that the staff cannot provide to the players, it would only mean a way to allow some players to buy stocks of those cards and gain a lot after they become collector cards.

It's true that the moderators are just normal players with some duties in the game. It's also true that the moderators know some of the new things that are going to happen well before other players, it's normal to first get feedback and to beta test some features with a limited group of players.

But it's equally true that no moderator will "leak" any of those informations to other players, so please stop making false claims and speculations.

I'm closing this subject now because it doesn't belong here and the discussion clearly has no end in sight.

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