offline KushUltra Veteran  
Friday 18/02/2011, 03:00

So do the surveys work or are they really just a scam? I did one which should have given me 36 credits for installing some game thing, but 15 minutes later still no credits. It said all you had to do was install, so all i can think of to why i didn't receive the credits is that they are a scam. If this is not true then what happened?

offline wsn_gosu Titan  
Friday 18/02/2011, 06:32

The mods told me it's not a scam but I'm pretty sure it is a scam

offline Boredyyyy Guru Dank Memers
Friday 18/02/2011, 12:38

You calling the mods liers? OH SNAP! Someone is going to get fried.

offline Yami Prem Titan  
Friday 18/02/2011, 13:13

I'll try to briefly sum up how the offers work - I am ssuming this is how it works from experience with other sites.

The companies who offer trials/surveys/tasks pay Urban Rivals each offer a player completes. So, when a player does Netflix for example (not sure if there is one on here), Netflix then pays Urban RIvals for the referral. Urban Rivals then returns back the favour to the player and gives you Credits.

However Urban Rivals will only give you Credits AFTER the company has given them their share first.

So in the end, it is not our fault essentially. Ocassionally, a company will stop accepting trials/surveys and will not inform us about it. Hence why maybe you may find some which 'don't work'. I'm sure the devs work to remove them ASAP.

What I suggest you do is try other offers instead. You will learn which types of offers work and what not in the process.

Good luck.

offline josman96 Titan THE_POWER
Friday 16/11/2012, 19:13

I did many surveys for CrowdFlower and ecGlobal. After I did them, no credits, all time lost. They said my accuracy was low, but for one word they discard you. ANd indeed, we do their job for miserable 5 credits.

By the way, I don't see the Netflix prom anymore. Anyone have an idea of it or if it will return?

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