Čtvrtek 16/06/2011, 22:57

Pro cechy - toto je finale jednoho z fakt hodne dobre oceneneho turnaje - Community Cup 2011 . Trvalo cca pul roku, nez se do nej ucastnici kvalifikovali. Bohuzel - kvalifikace jiz byla uzavrena, dalsi hraci se do nej kvalifikovat nemohou.
V tomto foru muzete sledovat debatu ucastniku o balicku - skce vychodni a stredni Evropa.


here is the forum, where we can discuss about the decks, that looks best for the final phase of the event - Community Cup 2011 . Here we go ! Lets win the DJ !!! smiley

Středa 22/06/2011, 13:47

Fight with Baia ( oops, he plays with different deck than the first player) -

1st fight - won - http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/3128/baia1.jpg

2nd fight - lost - http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/2079/baia2.jpg

3rd fight - won - http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/2825/baia3.jpg

4th fight - lost - http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/2400/baia4.jpg

5th fight - lost - http://img683.imageshack.us/img683/6/baia5.jpg


Dorian, Jacike Cr, Oxen, Wendel, Ngrath, Murrai, Uranus, Nimestiec

Středa 22/06/2011, 14:32

I just get message from Cristian, that a player with just few finished games, will be eliminated !!!

= we need to play the most matches possible with the less posible players ... strange conditions, but I hope you understand the point smiley

Středa 22/06/2011, 19:13

2-3 with Baia 99

Uppers Skillz

Chiara Redra Deebler 2* Caelus Dorian 4* Jackie

Středa 22/06/2011, 20:51

http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1787177 - it`s my deck smiley

R&C please smiley

Středa 22/06/2011, 21:50

Qjon vs all mepo 3-1

he`s weak, but his La Junta + General Cr can scary smiley

Středa 22/06/2011, 21:53

I'm sorry team, I'm a losersmiley
I lost vs All-Meepo with 2-3.

He still uses Mono Junta with Ambre and Spiaghi:
Ambre, General Cr, Trish, Jane Ramba, Dean, Wardog, Spiaghi, ????
I can only give 1 advice: if you play all your fights carefully with rarely pilling high when he plays his General he won't try to 1HKO you. Expect 2-3 pillz.

Luckily I have good news too. I beat PA_Timobol without losing a single fight. Probably because he uses a horrible deck:
Striker, Spudd, Alexei, Stacey, Oxen, Wendel, ????, ????
I wouldn't be suprised if he changed his deck after this.

Středa 22/06/2011, 22:56

0JON made a guild for our team. Please join everyone who can.

Infos -HL-Mingau:
I lost against him with 2-3 *facepalm*
His deck has: Dorian, Jackie Cr, Oxen, Wendel, Uranus, Murray, Ngrath, Nimestic
In 50-50 cases where he can KO you , tends to split his pillz around half. More precisely he splits it that way if you try to beat his stronger card with max, he will have about as much pillz to be able to beat your 2nd card and maybe an extra pill.

Maybe this is too unclear so in an example. If you have 10 pillz and need 7 to beat his stronger card then he will keep enough to beat your 2nd 3pilled card. If you play 5-5 then most likely you win.

Čtvrtek 23/06/2011, 00:31

Duel VS Timbol -

1st fight - won - http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/4280/timobol1.jpg

2nd fight - lost - http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/9899/timobol2.jpg

The opponent had Jackie Cr + Uranus + Zatman in the deck = illegal deck. I asked Cristi what to do, 3-0 score would be good solution, not ? smiley

Čtvrtek 23/06/2011, 00:38

Remove him out of the tournament will be good in my opinion. Cristian can do it smiley

Pondělí 20/08/2012, 10:11

I think Caelus Cr


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