offline Six Nations Titan Open Casket
Thursday 11/08/2011, 13:31

Create your own card! Any ideas, just post em!

Originally created by 6SimS-Sven followed by Mr Intelijent then by Edon EG and then by SadisticCynic

To start us off:
7/4 -3 opp damage min 1
bio-The third member of the Circle of Assasins, Kimi is a master of acupuncture and can throw a needle faster than you can blink, a quick shot to the jugular and you're dead.

offline The_HoAx Hero  
Saturday 13/08/2011, 19:20

Name: Jerome
Clan: All-Stars

1*: 2/1
2*: 3/2
3*: 5/4

Ability (Unlocked at 3*): Support: +1 Power

Turns into a 9/4 with -2 opp. power, min. 1. Some might say better than Robb Cr, I completely disagree because when you take the ratio of your power to theirs in these situations (your final power divided by theirs) here is what you would get assuming no other power manipulation is involved:

1 - 3 Power:
Jerome 9 Robb Cr 5

4 Power:
Jerome 4.5 Robb Cr 2.5

5 Power:
Jerome 3 Robb Cr 2.5

6 Power:
Jerome 2.25 Robb Cr 2.5

7 Power:
Jerome 1.8 Robb Cr 2.5

8 Power
Jerome 1.5 Robb Cr 1.66

9 Power
Jerome ~1.29 Robb Cr 1.25

After this Jerome will win because the opponent is equal to or has higher power than Robb Cr so Jerome can only beat Robb Cr (ratio wise which means better in higher pilling) from 5 or less powered opponents or 9 or higher powered opponents.

offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran  
Saturday 13/08/2011, 20:42

Name: Anna
Clan: Skeelz
Class: Death
Ability: +1 life per damage
Stats: Lv.1: 2/2, Lv.2: 4/2, Lv.3: 5/3
Bio: When she was little Anna was shunned by her parents for seeing ghosts, she realized that she would be haunted by ghosts of the deceased for the rest of her life. Now 15 Anna is now a member of the Skeelz academy, with her shaman powers she is accepted among her peers in the Death Class.

offline 0 Rowan LoA Titan  
Saturday 13/08/2011, 21:43

@Eromraven = Why so low base power? Make it 7/5 Support: Damage +1
@Ariel = Aok
@Medusa = Slightly UP, but AOK nonetheless. I wouldn't use her.
@Callie = I made a 4* roots dr suggestion kinda like that not too long ago in the last create-a-card thread; I came to the conclusion that a 7/5 -2 dmg 4* isn't that much different from Wookie (who's basically the same at 1 less damage and less star). Therefore, increase the damage to 6 but change the ability up to a weaker version of Yayoi and it's fine.

@Kraker = Increase the damage by 1 and it's aok.
@Tina = Would more than likely replace Tyd (Sob makes it hard for SOA cards to get it). Needs a redesign
@Chalares = Weak. Give it Protection Power and Damage.
@Tommy = Aok.
@Clover = Op. Would replace Wanda in a heartbeat.
@Deedee = Aok. I made a suggestion exactly like this a long time ago.
@Sara = Meh. I'll just stick with my shiny new Diana. No thanks. And how would it make her bonus "inactive"? If you lose with her that backlash wouldn't take in effect and the opponent will still lose -2 opp. damage.

@Melina = Meh.

@Rowan = A card named after me lol. Too bad it's not that good. (Peeler in junkz is a 7/7 with -4 opp. dmg min 3.)
@Nash = Aok. Finally a card that doesn't seem like it was randomly thought up within 3 seconds.

offline 0 Rowan LoA Titan  
Saturday 13/08/2011, 21:54

@Jerome = He's the Oscar as Robb Cr is to Mona. Not OP in any sense, but I would've liked for it to be a 5* (with 5* stats of course) as All Stars have too much competition among their 3*s already.

offline hopefo Master THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Saturday 13/08/2011, 23:21

Tina 2.0:
7/3 -2 opp. power min. 5
Chareles 2.0:
7/5 Protection: Power and damage (If i was going protect both might as well be worth the damage!)
Sara 2.0:
5*: 7/6 Support: + 1 pill (I have noticed that Pussycats have been acting very half deck-ish. Between Diana Sara Noemi, muze, charlie and cherry who would say no to mono?)
Clover 2.0:
6/2 Revenage: -2 opp. pillz min. 0 (Also I find wanda useless IMO. I would rather use Ivana (I KNOW), Ella or Brittany)

offline YorkMorgan_UM Titan URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 14/08/2011, 01:13

7/4 Protection: Power and Damage

Not sure if this is exactly OP or not..I think it wouldn't because it would be weak to SOA, like most Vortex.

offline Soundtrack-HW Imperator humanoid weapons
Sunday 14/08/2011, 01:52

Seduna. V 2.0
Ability: Protect power / attack

lvl 1 - 1/2
lvl 2 - 3/2
lvl 3 - 4/3
lvl 4 - 7/5

Callie V 2.0
Ability: - 3 opp damage min 2

lvl 1:
lvl 2:
lvl 3:
lvl 4:

offline JohnnoM Senior  
Sunday 14/08/2011, 02:12

@Ren its ok, because it doesn't have the best stats for a 3*.

Name: Hank

Clan: Pussycats



Ability: SOA

offline -Khaleesi- Master URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 14/08/2011, 02:56

3* for Pussycats

2* for Uppers
Protection: Bonus

5* for Roots
Defeat: +3 life

4* for Roots
-8 opp attack min 3

5* for Nightmare
Courage: +3 power

offline The_HoAx Hero  
Sunday 14/08/2011, 02:57

Name: Jem
Clan: Skeelz

1*: 2/1
2*: 3/2
3*: 4/3
4*: 6/3
5*: 6/5

Ability (Unlocked at 5*): +1 Pillz per Damage
Ability Description: Same as +x Life per Damage except you gain pillz instead of life.


Name: Kandi
Clan: Pussycats

1*: 2/3
2*: 4/4
3*: 5/4
4*: 6/5
5*: 7/6

Ability (Unlocked at 5*): Defeat: +3 Life

Could be a weird replacement for Charlie as Charlie has a minimum of 1 while this card has a -2 min (if you survive the hit) and a higher reduction.


Name: Jennifer
Clan: Uppers

1*: 1/1
2*: 2/1
3*: 3/5

Ability (Unlocked at 3*): -4 opp. Power, min. 4

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