offline The_HoAx Hero  
Thursday 01/12/2011, 01:57

My suggestion is that all the players in the DM room should be combined when doing the fight now, but you're only competing against the people in your room. This would mean less waiting time between matches as well as more of a variety of decks. Not sure if it has been said already or not.

offline LB_Abnormal Titan  
Thursday 01/12/2011, 04:30

I'm a huge fan of this. Nothing irks me more than being stuck in a room and not being able to get a SINGLE match while other players rack up points.

offline BlitzAssassin Titan Anime lovers 101
Thursday 01/12/2011, 09:36

Stops you getting the 500 pts for the mission as well.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 01/12/2011, 15:41

I would like 1 reall big deathmatch room with everyone but this would probally make it really hard to be first and might put too much pressure on the survers.

offline BlitzAssassin Titan Anime lovers 101
Friday 02/12/2011, 13:43

I would like to see a room with no leaders.I think this would improve tactical play.From my other comments some of you will know my views on leader cards,but this is going to kick off an old

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Friday 02/12/2011, 16:29

A room without leaders = ELO lol

offline BlitzAssassin Titan Anime lovers 101
Saturday 03/12/2011, 13:38

It,s just that when I DM I find Ambre over used,and I,m the kind of player that likes to beat common tactics.Maybe one day the kind of DM room I dream of will exist.While it does contain a leader this is a deck I had success with over Ambre during the Sentinel Ld missions. Cop/Chop

offline LB_Abnormal Titan  
Monday 05/12/2011, 03:25

I play in t1 dms to avoid ambre shenanigans.

But without being sidetracked, please implement this. I hate sitting in a deathmatch room not being able to get a match for 10 minutes, while other people rack up points. it really, really irritates me.

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