offline quexalblaze Hero the night stalkers
Thursday 09/02/2012, 03:59

(Insert loud girlish scream here!!!!)

I am about to make a debut! I just joined this tournament called Knights in the Nightmare and I am super psyched about going for the gold. Clintz that is!

The winner of the tournament will receive 20% of the Jackpot! and Ghumbo! That's a net value of 55,000! clintz! Talk about JackPot!!!! smileysmileysmiley

(Caelus....I vow you will be mine...)

2nd Place is 15% of the Jackpot! That's right at: 28,800 Clintz!

3rd Place and 4th Place are: 19.2K Clintz!

5th through 8th Place get: 4.8K Clintz!

9th through 16th Place will recieve 3.8K Clintz!

I have done the math here, and I am seeing great promise. Lowest ranked winners receive more than their money's worth and you only have to win three rounds. If you are a nightmare collector, then you can get Ghumbo
and more than your money's worth. If you get to fourth place or above, you can buy Ghumbo! This is going to
be so great! I am super psyched.

Oh did I forget to mention that your deck only needs to be in Type 1? That means any card you choose, well there
are some exceptions and those are:

1. Ambre (you know why)
2. Bridget (you know why)
3. Morphun (you totally know why)
4. General (you might not know why because he is rarely seen, but any OHKO's are banned)
5. Lost Hog (OHKO)
6. Kinjo (OHKO)
7. Also Knighmare is banned from the Competition with the premise being, Ghumbo is to be won by another
clan, not one he already belongs to.

id_deleted is about to go live and who knows? Maybe you will get to face me, let's hope not, because you are probably better than me...

offline quexalblaze Hero the night stalkers
Thursday 09/02/2012, 04:48

There is a one week registration period: That's from February 8th until February 15. (Can be extended depending on actual turn out.)

Go ahead and apply, make your debut in the tournament world and keep tuned for other tournaments from the NightStalkers.

offline _2015_ Senior Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 09/02/2012, 22:06

Ban Lyse Teria and I'll think of joining.

offline quexalblaze Hero the night stalkers
Thursday 09/02/2012, 22:39

This just IN! We are now offering A surprise Heitachi to any of the participants, whether win or lose in a lottery style drawing. Also, Four lucky participants who do not place, will receive 1000 clintz back, so that they may test their skills in a later upcoming tournament, held by we the id:152883. I mean I guess choose not too, but with luck like that why not? Come on and join what will be the most memorable tournament in UR. Even if you are not too confident, you now have the chance of regaining on a loss. What's better than that? Come on and join already, I am ready to battle!

offline quexalblaze Hero the night stalkers
Friday 10/02/2012, 08:33

New development! Due to some rather fortunate coincidence, The surpise Heitachi is now being replaced by a Surprise Spyke! That's 16K Clintz people! Depending on turnout there might even be a "hefty" surprise as well... Catch my drift? Let's make this tournament a success!

offline Grandol38 Veteran  
Saturday 11/02/2012, 17:39

Cool event im joining hope all the people will join so we can start and see who is the best (me)smiley

offline quexalblaze Hero the night stalkers
Tuesday 14/02/2012, 03:01

Looks like we may only get 32 players. smiley So I am going to re-calculate awards. Since 16/128 is exactly 1/8th, then 1/8th of 32 is four.

That means only four people will be awarded and I will still do a random drawing for two lucky players of a surprise card and two lucky losers will also get 1K back.

So new calculations are

1st: will receive 18K + Ghumbo
2nd will receive 9K
3rd and 4th will receive 4.5K

Two participants will receive a card valued at at least 3K
Two losing participants will receive 1K back as goodwill for joining.

So six people will come out on top and two people will salvage their pride and 2/3rds their entrance fee.
The rest are truly unlucky....knowing my luck I will probably be in that lot.smiley

Anyway! We only need 10 more participants in order to get started so come on and join already!

offline quexalblaze Hero the night stalkers
Saturday 18/02/2012, 06:39

Just keeping the post fresh and with a new update. We only need 5 more members in order to go live so if you have been thinking about joining, this is your last chance. Small competitor field equals a greater chance at victory so let's get this thing started already. 5 more people and only 5 more people.

offline quexalblaze Hero the night stalkers
Monday 20/02/2012, 05:08

Alright. We are so close to starting it's not even funny. We only need 3 more people. Come on and join, you know you want to. It's in your blood to test your medal against other contenders and come out on top. To grow in power, skill, fame, and riches; all of these things and more await you. Join the Knights as we quest for Ghumbo and see if you can survive the Nightmare.

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