offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Friday 18/05/2012, 07:12

Berzerk is by far not a bad clan, but let's face it... Their special sauce is Spyke. I assume that he'll get perma-banned from ELO sooner or later. With the arrival of the Frozn, Berzerk are bound to get much less attention... Unless they get a few great cards over the next couple of months, they run the risk of being dismissed as another unremarkable +damage clan as soon as Spyke's ban comes.

Let's talk about what Berzerk need!

-A good Spyke replacement: a heavy-hitting 4* card that's hard to justify throwing a lot of pills against it is a must for Berzerk. I would love to see a 7/5 Defeat: +3 Life or a 7/5 Attack +9 fill his spot.
-Better Defeat/Revenge synergy: Berzerk have some excellent Defeat cards, and I think there was a rather lackluster attempt to make a couple of good Revenge cards that played well with those...
Ranesh's 6 power isn't scaring anybody. Uma may look good on paper, but in reality, her 8 damage isn't that big a deal because it can't be used 1st turn, and has a min. It would be nice to see something more solid. How about a low-* defeat card with 8 power? Maybe a high-* card with Revenge: +1 Life per damage?
-Round winners: It would be great to see something with stats comparable to Ralph/Radek and maybe another good attack manip card to help round the clan out.
-Backlash: Just one good card with min 3 life on the backlash would be nice!

I'd like to hear from the ELO experts. What do you think Berzerk need to keep up in ELO?

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Tuesday 01/01/2013, 09:40

Skeelz bonus is something else entirely. smiley Because it works as "no bonus" in most games, it justifies giving them nutty attack and power manip, so that they can compete with strong attack/power manip cards from other clans... EXCEPT, while those cards can usually be diminished by SoA or SoB, Skeelz abilities just can't be touched.

As far as Frozn go, that's a whole different can of worms... Their cards "have" to be "bad," because if they were good, any time they had Revenge they would be completely OP. Look at an average card like Ralph. Give those same exact stats to Frozn and you suddenly have a card that wins rounds better than Spyke, when Revenge is active. What UR developers haven't realized yet is that high mins are the key to making power manip and damage increase abilities that are balanced for them. I hacked up some cards in the "make your own card" thread in the General forums that demonstrate it. Pasting the stats for one here for reference.

-3 Opp Life, Min 8

A card like that could hit hard first or second turn, or after the opponent gained life... But the high Min on his ability would significantly limit how much damage he could dish out, because his raw damage (5 in Revenge) would be resolved before his ability. Frozn needs more balanced cards like this to avoid being completely predictable, IMO.

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Tuesday 01/01/2013, 17:44

I think honestly it is ok to be 'OP'. look at mok or mawpin for example. 8/4 with SoA/SoB is not very balanced either... but they think is if their abilities gets stopped they are weak.

I think that perhaps high minimum would be fine, but another thing that I think UR has to make are DRs and defeat. currently, tiwi ld is the only defeat, and without it frozn is almost unplayable (unless kalindra the beast is released). Making cards even more predictable with double revenge or courage + revenge is NOT smart....

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