offline LightningLion Senior  
Sunday 08/07/2012, 21:39

Frozn -> Haaken, Kalindra, Mikaal, Sah Brinak
Vortex-> C Wing, Cyb Lhia, Deea, Qorah

Kalindra: is beast, can win alone.
C Win: 0 pillz, -2 life, +1 pillz, activates Frozn bonus. Pure awesomeness.
Deea: Tipical bluff, but also a great card for low pillz rounds.Just a mini Dagg.
Haaken: SoA is always needed.
Qorah: Mini-Krung, works well.
Sah Brinak: I like her, but not always useful.
Cyb Lhhia: I really don't know if this card is useful.

Unfortunally, I have no Tiwi Ld...
What would you change? Cyb Lhia for Spiaghi maybe? I have no problem on dropping the Vortex.
Also, would be great that someone decided to make a "how to balance a deck" guide for noobs!

offline AmberRed1994 Veteran  
Monday 09/07/2012, 03:49

Cyb Lhia is good for a 1st round start because her poison is not only lethal but if she loses, your pillz are reimbursed and the Frozn's bonus is activated, giving rise to huge threats like Kalindra and Mikaal, making it a win-win situation unless Cyb Lhia wins against an SoA card.

In my opinion, Mikaal is better for 5/3 or higher splits since it's not guaranteed that his bonus will work and thus his ability may be useless most of the time. I'll go for Bankee instead because 10/5 or 8/3 + 4 life, either way he's pretty strong.

However, assuming that you plan to lose with Vortex to trigger Frozn's potential, one problem I immediately see is that your tactics may be easily broken if things don't go your way. For example, not drawing both bonuses at once, or accidentally winning rounds with the Vortex (except Cyb Lhia) but having used too many pillz may turn out to be problems that you may want to consider working on. 6 out of 8 cards are also susceptible to DRs so you have to be careful in that aspect as well.

offline LightningLion Senior  
Monday 09/07/2012, 10:12

Thank you.
No, I'm not planing to lose with Vortex. I just tried to minimize the bad part of losing a round. Most of times, I lost half of the rounds...
I know about DR, what to do?

offline Lafoote Titan Hip Hop Messiahz
Wednesday 11/07/2012, 05:16

I don't tend to score super high in ELO, but I'm alright. So take my advice how you will. At present, excepting Kalindra, most of the best Frozn cards are still 3*. In addition, Vortex doesn't have much finishing power in 4*. I would probably build an unconventional 5/5/3/3/3/2/2/2.

Something like Kalindra, Annuqa, Sah Brinak, Haaken, Dregn(Sekutor or C Beast if you can't afford him), Cyb Lhia, C wing, Ward Hg.

Annuqa is MAGIC!! She's an all in one situational victory machine. She nullifies the big atk clan bonus, she protects her own bonus vs SoB clans, and she's the angel of death(Fury for TEN) vs Fang Pi, La Junta, and other Frozn decks.

Sah Brinak is more versatile than she gets credit for. Use her with bonus for big pillz. With the undesired all Frozn hand, she immitates Hawkins. If you really don't like her, you could always run Ayzkub and sub out SoA vulnerable Ward Hg for Deea, Quora, or a throw away SoA in Onyx(two is often better than one).

A Vortex finisher is critical because they leech your opponent of pillz even if you lose, then you get a do over(with Frozn bonus to boot).

Two tips for Frozn/Vortex: Be unpredictable. Your deck makeup will often telegraph your moves ahead of time. Or will it??
A 50/50 split will make you very competitive. Its how you play your 3/1 draws(and your dreaded all Frozn hand) that will determine how successful you are. Remember what works(and what doesn't). Good Luck!

offline King Blunts Senior  
Wednesday 11/07/2012, 07:05

I know Kalindra is not easy to get but this is the deck I use for I also don't have Tiwi Ld.

I find the synergy between these clans is fantastic and have been having a lot of success with it.

offline LightningLion Senior  
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 17:49

Money is not a problem. Kalindra alredy taken and 120k of clints waiting something to buy.

offline LightningLion Senior  
Wednesday 18/07/2012, 18:35

Also, I have Spiaghi for splash.

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