offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Monday 30/07/2012, 09:06

Next week will start the second stage of the Summer of Clint City.
During August guilds are pushed into the limelight in a international
event where, during one month, a new challenge will be given each week.This week on Friday at noon, the top five guilds in the ELO ranking will
receive 400,000 Clintz the founder will share as he/she wishes with
his/her guild members. Even more! As an extra present, ten 200,000
clintz prizes will be randomly rewarded to ten guilds ranked in the top
150 on Friday at noon.Don’t lose time and select at least 4 guild champions so as to automatically participate!

offline CurLy_TpU Legend ``THe_PeRFeCT_UnKnOwN``
Saturday 25/08/2012, 00:02

You had a lot of bad luck otherwise you would have done it too my favorite guild WMD smiley GOOD JOB nevertheless smiley
thanks for the congratulations smiley

offline Milteon cr Titan Time Conquers All
Saturday 25/08/2012, 09:31

So, I guess this is over?

offline Ice dragon T Titan Dragons Cro Clan
Saturday 25/08/2012, 10:10

Which guilds won a 200 000 clintz ?

offline hellafire Imperator Perfect Defect Effect
Sunday 26/08/2012, 06:41

A Singapore Guild hasnt win any international event before.. Hope we win atleast one smiley
Atb to everyone tho smiley

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Clint City, night.