offline Yotsunoha Titan  
Sunday 19/08/2012, 13:40

Odium is a brand new guild for active English speaking players, there are no requirements (hip hip hooray) and therefore provided you are over lvl 5 you are welcome to join. We aim to support all those who are new to the game and give them advice on deck builds and what cards to buy if needed. If you're an old player you may meet other old well established players to share ideas on deck builds and which decks you think are best. However, in general we are just a fun guild for you to chill and relax with other players so you have people to talk to while you play.

If you're interested, join us here:


We have cookies...and don't ask what the big red button does because we wont tell you smiley

offline Yotsunoha Titan  
Sunday 19/08/2012, 22:22

Come on guys...we need atleast 2 more by Tuesday smiley

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