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Friday 14/09/2012, 03:16

Hello everyone, I am somewhat new to the game (quit for a long time only to return recently) and I am fresh meat into deck building.

As the title says I want to play survivor elo, and I was thinking on building a Freaks/Pussycats deck for that.
My current idea for the cards is this:

and Ditha

(I apologize for not having this as a public preset, but I do not have some of these cards)

I included SoB on both sides in case I end up facing any piranas (which seem somewhat abundant), also I have hula there, which keeps poison against anything but a wall.
There are several cards with +hp, as well...

This is my first deck (kind of) so please be very clear and try to be as constructive as possible...
Or I might cry ='( /jk

Anyways, thanks for your time =D

offline LB_Abnormal Titan  
Friday 14/09/2012, 05:28

Hey! not too bad, but I have some concrete suggestions. Freaks are very cool for t1, but unfortunately, they only have a select few cards worth playing. These cards are : Bogdan, Grudj, Esmerelda, Olga, and (maybe) wonald. Honestly, with anybody else you're kinda wasting your time. So unless you can make a half using some, or most of those cards - you're going ot get stomped. In particular twyh and maamoon are weak picks, Pyro and Hula are sub-par at best. I'm sorry, but with freaks you have to go with the best or not at all. As for your pussycats deck -- I'm not a huge fan of them in survivor ELO. They just don't have the "oomph" require to win rounds once your pillz start dwindling, and it becomes blatantly obvious which card you have to beat (and they just can't deal with some of the more dominant clans)

My advice to you is this : pick some different clans. Sentinels are a great place to start. For example:

Dayton/Valentina LD

Is a VERY affordable deck that is both more affordable, and in my opinion, has the potential to reach much higher scores. The whole deck is under 10k, and you have potential to upgrade Valentina into Melvin and Jakson/Harvey into Coby when you acquire more clintz. Finally, itd be a very strong deck in elo to begin with, I've posted 1300+ scores tons of times with decks just like it.

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Friday 14/09/2012, 07:02

Hmmm... Bogdan and Olga are elo banned tho, meaning I can't survivor elo with them...

As for the sentinels, I am currently using this ( ) deck, but I've replaced Hugo with Owen.

The thing is I still want to try other clans and cards, plus I end up getting tired of the cards sooner or later...

I'd also like to make clear I am not aiming for 15~20 wins or something like that... My current best is 5, and I guess I'd be happy with an 8~9 in the future when I get better cards...

Also, I forgot to mention I am on an extremely tight budget. My most expensive card is Lakit, and apart from him and about 3 or 4 others I have nothing above 1~1.3k

What are some other cheap options that I could run using other clans?

Ps: Thx for the mods who moved this, I think I posted it on the event area by accident.

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Sunday 16/09/2012, 00:34

How is
for suvivor elo?

Is it any better?

offline LB_Abnormal Titan  
Sunday 16/09/2012, 07:42

In my opinion it's not a bad deck -- but it needs some work. Junkz have some really great cards, and I notice they're not in there.

Perle is honestly a really weak pick - I'd bump her down to a "better" 4 star, such as qubik or gibson. This will leave you with an extra star - I'd then "upgrade" sentogan into Tremorh -- he's just too good not to run in a junkz deck. As for Neil - he's not bad. I just don't like 5 stars with defeat conditions, I'd personally change him into Maazk or Fuzz.

The spiaghi splash is definitely an interesting twist, and I like it. However, if you ever acquired the clintz, an obvious upgrade would be to veenyle CR. Obviously though, that is an expensive upgrade. All in all though, it's a reasonably strong deck. The only non-brainers (to me) are the perle/sentogan -> Gibson/Tremorh. Heck, you could even get by on Onik until you can afford tremorh, if he's too expensive. If you were really desperate, leave everything but just change Perle -> maazk. Perle is just really bad for a 5 star, and would be sub-par for a 4 star.

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Sunday 16/09/2012, 10:05

Hmm... This deck is a bit out of my budget already, but I'll save for it and give it a try =D

I want to be able to run some variety. I really like the +hps and +hp per dmg, that's why I picked Perle, but I guess I'll replace her =P

Although I do want another deck I am not in a rush, so I guess I could save for Tremorh. The cr, however, is completely out of my budget... The only reason I have already gotten Eebiza atm is because of a clan event which gave me 5k clintz off on card(s), so she only cost me ~1.5k...

What are some other things I can run on survivor elo? Not limited to Junkz, anything really... I've got a sentinels deck already, as mentioned earlier, and I have been loving +hp/hp per dmg and attack manipulation...

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Tuesday 18/09/2012, 05:26

How about Perle/Sentogan/Neil > Fizzle/Tremorh/Maazk?

Just to keep it a little more within my small budget... I could give it a couple upgrades afterwards

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