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Friday 28/09/2012, 08:54

From the high frozen peaks of Mount Everest to the sandy and vast areas of the Sahara desert and from the Alps of Europe to the adventurous lands of Northern America and from there to the Latin American cities for centuries guild:1824287 have been a secret league of kind nomad warriors that their only purpose was to serve and protect.

Now,it is time for Clint City to meet them...
Guild's Requirements
*Must meet at least one of these requirements ❷,❸ or ❹ + the rest*

❶.Level 25+ - Speak and Understand English
❷.1300 ELO Hall of Fame or more
❸.1 Daily Tournament Win
❹.Survivor Record(Type ELO or Extended)= +5
❺.Put TCS on your nickname(Optional)
❻.Active in the Guild's Forum

In case you have any questions,please contact XC Shunsui

The link - 【guild:1824287】

Thank you for reading!We will be expecting you for a visit or as permament members! smiley

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Saturday 27/10/2012, 09:02

We're still recruting,people! smiley
Pay us a visit and take a quick glance on how things roll in da house of guild:1824287. smiley

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