offline Robg54 Hero  
Thursday 15/11/2012, 05:57

I am participating in an event that requires a sixteen star deck (8x 2 star, no 1 star 3 star combos...)

I was looking at what clans can field a decent deck and I was thinking about running a Montana/Junkz deck.

Here's what I was thinking:

Prince Jr

Runner Up: Ivy

Veenyle CR

I was also considering some other clans. I think Allstars (Jessie, Cesare, Stacey and maybe Loretta?) and Ulu Watu (Fanny, Bree/Warren, Taigo, Gabrielle) are decent contenders as well. As it stands I think the Junkz and the Montana are the strongest, but I think the Allstars are close, and may even be better if I can get my hands on Stacey, the only one of the cards I listed I'm currently missing).

Anyway, are there killer 2 star cards I'm missing? Which of these half decks are the strongest? Have the best synergy?

offline about4turtles Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 15/11/2012, 07:50

Like the Montana/Junkz 16* but Ivy > Filomena Even though Filomena has 5 DAM it is conditional and Ivy's poison can create a larger life gap and creates a situation round 1 where u can go for the poison, bluff or in between and your opponent really has no way to know what u are going to do.

offline mahawirasd Imperator Immortality
Thursday 15/11/2012, 10:18

What you proposed is pretty good already - albeit expensive
nevertheless, you can also try the gheist: arkn, wurmhol, elke, platinum
or Pussycats: lucy britanny ivana ella wanda
or piranhas: bonnie ld, hawkins, tula kalder
or nightmare: mawpin artus phyllis bill sheitane eadh hel

and many others present pretty good options...

offline T0P_LoA Colossus Legends of America
Friday 16/11/2012, 06:31

All star is a great choice, mostly because of Loretta. Heal 2, min 10 is a godsend in a all 2* event.

It doesn't sound like there any restrictions outside of the 2* rule so Roots/Junkz/Sentinel/Montana/Piranahs will be the most prevalent clans.

There are others worth mentioning

Jungo Peng Mindy Jean Ashiko
Freaks esmeralda hula wonald Bertha/magda

offline Robg54 Hero  
Friday 16/11/2012, 13:42

Yeah, I have really been considering Allstars. I think Stacey is a powerhouse (although I don't currently own her) and Jessie is great and I like Cesare for SOA.

I don't know if I were to bump Allstars if I should drop junkz or montana...

offline DUC-j00p Imperator  
Friday 16/11/2012, 19:33

Really, trust me, freaks are sooo incredible good in 16*

try this deck: esmaralda hula bertha magda
with pussycats: wanda, lucy, brittany, feelyn

if you have both off the bonusses, a hit with bertha or magda is usually a win on itself,
you could also bluff and the next round go all in + fury and win, and no sob is gonna bother u when u have hula

it could be hard if you have 3 pussycats without hula, but its winnable, and if you got the freaks, youre in a HUGE advantage

offline CyberGief VII Titan The Urban Renegades
Saturday 24/11/2012, 01:23

Lil Jey, Graff, B Ball, Raquel
Veenyle Cr, Gil, Dreen, Flanagan

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