offline Goralion Admin Clint Staff
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 12:06

While working on Urban Rivals, since several months we are developing our new title : Fantasy Rivals, a trading card game taking place in a fantasy universe. You will find the game type you like again, but with new game mechanics and an original universe. To be notified when the game is available and to sign in the private Beta which is going to start in the next few days, check out this page now.

offline zenonos Titan  
Thursday 21/02/2013, 09:59

@KitsuneKatsumi: I agree with you 100%.

offline MrkingPin_MoB Colossus Masters of Battle
Thursday 21/02/2013, 11:34

No one is ever happy seems like. I LIKE the market idea.. Do i feel bad that "Free" players cant get epics... nope not in the least. I have 1 epic and I dont use her. i Love FR

offline Emiyu-Chan Master  
Thursday 21/02/2013, 12:06

@KitsuneKatsumi: I agree with you 100%.

offline 0_4DPaladin Veteran  
Thursday 21/02/2013, 22:38

"@Eric WMD: The problem isn't that free players will have to save for epics, it's how long it will take. The average price for epics won't be known until the market comes, but it appears as though they will be pricey. And if it will take months for a free player to be able to afford one epic card, then yeah, TECHNICALLY it will be possible for free players to get them, but it will be unrealistic.

And if free players wanted to buy packs, they wouldn't be free players. Lol?"

In FR it takes a few weeks to buy Tokal (Most expensive card in the game ATM, but the market just came out), whereas if you were to try to save up to buy DJ Korr Cr, you'd have to play several hundred years (Barring playing the market and events or lucky DT/ELO prizes). So really it is new-player friendlier than UR in the long term.

offline 0_4DPaladin Veteran  
Thursday 21/02/2013, 22:59


There are flaws in the leagues system IMO, and since Jamatrix taught me to use BB code, I'm going to complain about it smiley Pretty much the leagues are akin to self-fulfilling prophecies, and honestly skill has a minimal factor as the main determining factor are your first 5 games.

offline _2015_ Senior Harbingers of Ares
Friday 22/02/2013, 00:07

@ Paladin

It's also called pay 20$ for an epic.

Yeah, the leagues system is really frustrating right now.

offline theKFCguy Imperator Great White North
Friday 22/02/2013, 00:42

Well it seems that they're already making broken cards for Fr. Example Xuul Ran.

offline xc is bad lul Guru E X C A L I B U R
Friday 22/02/2013, 00:47

Fantasy rivals market is powa

offline Moe2000 Senior  
Friday 22/02/2013, 01:15

I got myself nice cards on the market I never knew the 23 credits I had would be very helpful

offline Metafogos Eternal Never give up
Friday 22/02/2013, 06:00

Someone have an invite? I need one smiley

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