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The tier list of cards for (star, clan)

The tier list of cards for (star, clan)
Sunday 25/11/2012, 11:05
0_The_Oracle - Titan English

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The tier list of cards for (star, clan)
0_The_Oracle - Titan - Open CasketEnglish - Sunday 25/11/2012, 11:05

Hi guys! so because I have seen some inactivity in the forum, I have decided to do this. Basically, I am going to name a clan and a * number and can u guys please contribute to nmbering the best to worst card for that star number. Lets start off with Junkz, 4 stars.

imo: Rowdy, Qubik, Eibeza, Gibson, Fizzle, Nobrodroid, Malmoth,(and then rest are pointless)

ok lets see what you think of this tier
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0_4DPaladin - Veteran English
Wednesday 05/12/2012, 01:11

Chicken came first. Kthxbai.
KitsuneKatsumi - Imperator - XiongDang English
Friday 07/12/2012, 09:24

I thought it would be interesting to do:


5*: Baldovino, Erpeto, Rhyno, Daqun
4*: Grudj, Bogdan, Pyro, Wolfgang
3*: Olga, Quasichoco, Varoslav, Olga Noel
2*: Bertha, Wonald, Magda, Harleen, Esmeralda, Soushee

Freaks really have multiple personality disorder. Each Freak really has to be considered from two angles: how good are they on turn 1, and then how good are they after turn 1. All of the 2* are pretty lousy on turn 1, so you really have to think about their usefulness in a supporting role after turn 1.
DUC-j00p - Titan English
Friday 07/12/2012, 14:04

It really depend on whether youre playing half Freaks or mono Freaks( who the heck would play mono Freaks )
So this is for half deck Freaks

Freaks my oppinion

5* Baldovino, Splata Cr, Erpeto, Rhyno, Cassandra, Daqun, Eve
4* Bogdan, Grudj, Pyro, Wolfgang
3* Olga, Varoslav, Akendram, Olga Noel
2* Esmeralda OR Wonald (depends on the other half of your deck), Bertha, Hula, Magda, Harleen

Bogdan or Grudj really depends on your opponents hand. I like Bogdan a bit more because he doesnt have to worry about ability sob. And the opponent cannot use cards like Muze, Zhu Tang, Tobbie against him. I love Grudj too, put 8 or 9 pillz on him and IF the opponent doesnt pill youre still good. If he does pill its almost always an auto win
0_The_Oracle - Titan - Open Casket English
Saturday 08/12/2012, 04:51

LOL ummm kinda agree with both of yours but im a fellow Freaks user so heres mine.

5* Baldovino, Splata Cr, Daqun (heavily underrated he has perfect synergy with bonus), Oren (huge gap), blah blah
4* Bogdan (SoA too good to ignore), Grudj, Wolfgang (Dr too good), Pyro/Maciej
3* Olga, Mira (she is so good against SoA which is really common), Olga Noel, Varoslav/ Akendram idk, blah blah
2* Bertha lol 8 power is really good, Esmeralda/ Wonald, Soushee, then im not sure with the rest, Magda seems really playable tho
0_The_Oracle - Titan - Open Casket English
Saturday 22/12/2012, 16:45

Hey guys i need a lil bit of help for ulu??

2*: Fanny, tiago, Gabrielle, Reef blah rest bad
3*: Eugene (i like a lot), Nanook, Douglas, Felicia, Janice, Kirk, lin bee, Gaia, Ice Jim
4*: Eddie, Numar, Shayna, Buck, Zack
5*: THIS I NEED HELP WITH personally Oraya, Lulabee, Stanly, Serena, Hikiyousan

BUT since you will most likely use Eddie cuz hes so damn good, is having Oraya a good choice as well?
Saintrl - Master English
Saturday 22/12/2012, 20:53

@the oracle I personally dislike using Oraya since she's conditional and easy to predict. Obviously I'd say use Numar if you have the clintz for it but most people can't afford that.

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