offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Thursday 20/12/2012, 13:06

We have a lot of ideas for Urban Rivals, and it's can be difficult to know what you really expect from us, fortunately, we have the message board smiley Your comments on the Cr auctions helped us a lot to evaluate this project. We decided to put it aside until we can solve most (if not all) of the issues that appears. Today we'd like to continue this discussion and talk about 2 other features.

Among the features we have in mind for Urban Rivals, there are 2 that we'd like to know what you think of. Tell us which project should be our priority, according to you.

First idea : A new game mode allowing you to bet on your match

How would it work : The player would purchase tokens with their credits and bet these tokens in their games against other players, to get more tokens. Player would be able to exchange tokens for credits whenever they want, at the following rate : 10 credits = 1000 tokens.

The player would be able to bet 100, 500 or 1000 tokes per game. Winning rates increases with the number of tokens played.

100 tokens : Winner gets 160 tokens, loser gets 10. In case of draw both get 85 tokens. Kate takes 30 Tokens (15%)
500 tokens : Winner gets 850 tokens, loser gets 50. In case of draw both get 450 tokens. Kate takes 100 tokens (10%)
1000 tokens : Winner gets 1800 tokens, loser gets 100 tokens. In case of draw both get 950 tokens. Kate takes 100 tokens (5%)

If a player forfeits, quits or expires the game, his opponent wins the game

The deck format would be restricted, maybe not ELO (even though it's our idea at the moment) but certainly a format excluding the most unbalanced cards.

Second project : A new design of the character cards
The cards haven't changed in a very long time. We'd like to change them in order to bring more focus to the clan and the rarity, we also think of adding a background behind the character. Tell us what you think of the cards as they are now and wether we should change them.

That's it. It's your turn now!

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 30/12/2012, 22:19

Slightly off topic, but could you disallow people to send you messages from the older game client to the newer one, because us on the newer one can't reply back to them? Seems stupid to have one-way communication. An while we're at it, option to turn off the free pill on Android client? Please?

offline mahdin_DvF Titan D-Versified
Sunday 30/12/2012, 23:09

Second what Whitedragon said. I do the same. I save time during DTs by just glancing at the artwork then I know the stats and if a bonus is active for them or not etc.

offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Thursday 03/01/2013, 11:24

Thanks to everyone for participating in this discussion. So far, I think the most promising idea is the update of the card (not the illustration but the structure of the card itself). There were also some other interesting stuff in the various posts, some not possible (like the outfit idea, too much artwork needed for this one) some that we need to explore and that I don't want to mention now because I'd rather think about them before.
Anyway, I'll close this topic in a few hours. We'll put aside the betting idea for now, and start focusing on the card design. I should have some update for you next week.

offline Sicba Titan Open Casket
Thursday 03/01/2013, 11:51

Ok, then when you go with artwork, can you give us a spoiler or if you think about different styles also show them so we can see which is better.

offline Vinyl-Scratch Titan D-Versified
Thursday 03/01/2013, 19:24

The betting idea is a better idea than the other one lol.

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