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Wednesday 26/12/2012, 02:11

World Tournament - Strongest Fighter in the World
Attention fighters of the world! Now is the time to hone your skills and prepare your decks! The world tournament is due to begin! Come one, Come all, anyone who feels they have the skill sets to play in this event is welcome to sign up, however staying in the event will be a true test of strength. This event will consist of 5 rounds, the first round (the wild card round) will be a fun warm-up round, a way to show off your prized decks and a chance to get a feel for the other player's' styles. After this fun warm-up the heated tournament will begin, eliminations will take place at the end of each of the other 4 rounds taking the players down by half each until the final winner is decided. The way the winner will be decided is through scores of each of the 4 elimination rounds. The top scorer from each round will win a prize. Then the scores every player whom is not eliminated will be recorded and the top scorer at the end of the event will win the top prize donated by our wonderful Urban Rivals Staff! Sign-ups open on January 1st and will close January 15th. After this each round will last one week in time bringing the end of the event to February 19th Good Luck to all applicants!
More details on the event page smiley

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Friday 11/01/2013, 05:12

This event will be broken down into 10 sub events:
Groups will be chosen before event opens and players must go to their sub event in accordance with their group, this will cause applications to close early (now closing January 12th) in hopes that it will not cause the event to delay start. my apologies for any possible delay.
the sub events are as follows:
World Tournament - group A
World Tournament - group B
World Tournament - group C
World Tournament - group D
World Tournament - group E
World Tournament - group F
World Tournament - group G
World Tournament - Group H
World Tournament - group I
World Tournament - group J
thanks for everyone's support

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Sunday 13/01/2013, 06:06

Groups are set, each of you have been assigned a group here:

to find your group number go to the event in the above link and go to where the players names are, in that same box in the top right corner there is a search bar, type your name there to quick find your name a group.

then take your group number and please follow the links below and join the event with your group number to the right of the link to proceed with tournament: - group 1 - group 2 - group 3 - group 4 - group 5 - group 6 - group 7 - group 8 - group 9 - group 10

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Monday 14/01/2013, 09:19

I'd rather be the sexiest fighter in the world :/

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