offline Daxose Titan URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 05/01/2013, 17:00

Looking for Alec CR, any xp (145k-150k)

Have available for trade:

2x Robb CR (full) - 55k e.
2x Terry CR (full) - 10k e.
1x Chicco CR (full) - 11k

Your choice of these cards that help complete the deal OR 10k clintz:
(note: these cards can be swapped out in place of CR if preferred; all cards are 0xp; e. = each)

9x Tihmpah (0xp) - 375 e.
6x Nathan (0xp) - 1k e.
5x Mok (0xp) - 475 e.
5x Daqun (0xp) - 1.5k e.
5x Ayzkub (0xp) - 375 e.
4x Jose Star (0xp) - 560 e.
3x Niqiloda (0xp) - 900 e.
3x Bankee (0xp) - 2.5k e.
2x Pan (0xp) - 1.9k e.
2x Ielena (0xp) - 2.75k e.
2x Gaia (0xp) - 3.5k e.
2x Kostner (0xp) - 1.4k e.
2x Dr Falkenstein (0xp) - 2.8k e.
2x Harvey (0xp) - 1.2k e.
2x Hilly Billy (0xp) - 1.4k e.

PM for quicker response


offline Daxose Titan URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 10/01/2013, 02:17


1x Kenny CR 0xp - 60k

To the offer for Alec CR.

Mix and match between all you see above and Kenny CR

PM for quicker response

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