offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 06/01/2013, 16:52

Hey guys so I will just start us off. I dont get how lizbeth is on top of the charts??? I mean for 1 less damage, you get lulabee, which is FAR more stable than lizbeth. I know, different clans, but Ulu is not that bad by themselves. + there are many replacements, and lizbeth is what, like 60k? this is ridiculous.

I think Dorian is quite borderline as well, uppers can still do pretty well without him. Herman, hefty, even lady are all replacements for dorian, i mean i know he is strong against SoA, but thats it!. Herman is actually more threatening than dorian in many matchups minus gheist/roots.

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Monday 21/01/2013, 15:50

Zatman is a huge threat sorry to break it to you... unopposed any 7 power would have to pill 2 extra pills just to match up with the attack reduction, and at least one more pill (up to 7 pills) to overcome the 8 power. Not to mention he is solid as hell, and the only reason uppers is not OP is because they are lack of a solid stationary card that is immune to SoA. That is why Dorian is constantly banned from ELO. As a 5* though, Dorian does not pack as strong a punch as the 3* zatman.

offline - Gino - Senior  
Monday 21/01/2013, 20:45

Yes i totally agree with jean being one of the best 2* in the game right now. Lehane is banned and i think jean should get the same treatment. Yes it doesnt have the attack manipulation but its still a potential +2 life. I'd be all for a ban on jean

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Monday 21/01/2013, 23:11

Spot on about Zatman. Drawing him and almost any other high-damage Uppers would be an almost free win.

offline KillerYuri Hero  
Wednesday 23/01/2013, 03:46

Cards that don't deserve bans:
Rolph - compared to Ralph(2 more stars for 1 more damage and SOA) and Alexei(1 more star for 1 power and damage)
Arkn - compared to Rubie (1 less star for 2 less damage)

offline badbigwlly Titan BrainZtorm
Wednesday 23/01/2013, 04:24

Unban Wee Lee smiley

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Wednesday 23/01/2013, 04:55

Rolph deserves it, firstly gheist has enough 5*s, and power reduction + SoA is killer. 1 power + damage is defs worth the 1 star. rolph doesnt look that good on paper but kills cards in real play. same reason why striker is banned.

arkn deserves it -- look at orenichi example. if she was in pussycats with -12 attack she would be so good. and 2 damage for 1 star is kinda worth it.

yah wee lee is not THAT powerful anymore. but I would say he is better than marina. 1 damage is better than 1 reduction

offline BlackStormMOB Imperator Masters of Battle
Wednesday 23/01/2013, 05:03

Well i must say kalindra dosent deserve one she hasnt been out for a year yet but she gets perm banned with in 5 months and a couple of times seen a week in elo

offline KillerYuri Hero  
Wednesday 23/01/2013, 06:57

@ 0 the oracle

Firstly no clan has enough 5 stars, that's not a reason for ban. To be honest, most players would prefer Wardom even if Rolph is unbanned. Why I never find Alexei in the ban list ever? remember Alexei even has a better minimum of power reduction.
Can you explain me how does Rolph over-perform significantly than Stella, miss stalla, virginia, Yoshida, lizzy, Zornado, tessa Cr?And they have never showed up in a single ban list. I would say someone has over valued SOA.

Answer you question, if Orenichi was in Pussycats, I didn't see any possibility that she would replace Diana. What I mean is, in most cases, good cards are always good, and they play different roles in different clans.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 23/01/2013, 07:55


SoA is so highly valued because it goes through almost all DR. Only Pussycats, NM, and Skeelz can DR Roots or GHEIST in ELO.

A strong round-winner in a SoA clan is very valuable because of this. Let's say you have some DR, maybe Bristone or someone from another clan. If your opponent is not PC/NM/Skeelz, this puts them in a bad position: You can DR them, but they can't DR you. This is a ridiculously big advantage.

Let's say you snuck some small card, Elke or Z3R0 D34D in with low pills in round 1. Now if you hit in any other round with furied Rolph, you have done 11-12 damage. Now your opponent has to do 11-12 damage through any DR that you might have, just to tie.

Alexei isn't just less valuable because of 1 less power and 1 less damage. He is also less valuable because the rest of his clan does not go through ability DR.

offline KillerYuri Hero  
Wednesday 23/01/2013, 10:59

@ ghelas

A skilled player should always play his heavy hitter around opponent's DR! This is the first point.

In your deck of Rolph Z3RO D34D Bristone Elke:

Many clans can make much more damages even when being blocked, such as la junta, jungo, berzerk, frozen, FPC(dealing 11-12 damage is a piece of cake with 2 proper hitters without any fury)

Many clans refuse to let you win 2 rounds easily or hit with fury, such as Montana, All stars, rescue, uppers or even sentinel, sakrohm, junkz, I can hear they are laughing at poor Z3ro D34d, wanna win with low pills? come on

The rest of the clans can block your hitters as normal, Piranas, NM, Skeels, Roots, Pussy Cats,

Obviously, Gheist needs damage more than power manipulation, that's why I prefer Wardom than Rolph, 6 damage for a 5 star , almost the least in all clans, which is not welcome in this clan.

Last, let's talk about Alexei and clan, not to mention Jessi can easily go through most DR, Dallas deals the same damage as Rolph when blocked 2 damage, what's more he has a better minimum of power reduction than Rolph. Did you ever find Dallas in banlist?

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