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Thursday 10/01/2013, 10:25

Well, it's my first ELO deck and I chose Ulu Watu for their high power, but their damage is pretty low. Would it be better to add, maybe Ambre to increase the power and just stick out the damage, or should I try to make a 2 clan deck? I know the main thing is to work on my strategy, just wanted to know how to improve my deck.,clan,asc,all,0,deck,)

offline LexiFlame Senior Over Load
Friday 11/01/2013, 23:55

Yes, I'm keeping Stanly, it's really one of my favorite cards. And ok, I'll try Dave.

offline LexiFlame Senior Over Load
Saturday 12/01/2013, 04:00

So a few last questions. From what I got here, my revised deck should be...

Oraya 5*
Stanly 5*
Eddie 4*
Felicia or Nanook 3*
Gabrielle 2*
Fanny 2*
Warren 2*
Dave 2*

For that 3* position, who do you think is better?

A lot of people tell me to get rid of Felicia for Nanook, and Warren for some other two star cards. I don't really get that.

Felicia's a 9/3 with the clan bonus and Nanook is a 10/4, but I find Felicia is a great bluff card because she holds off the Bezerkers' -2 life and Fang Pi's +2 damage f I lose(I run into a ton of Bezerkers and Fang Pi's), or gets me a definite win if they were bluffing as well as long as they don't have a power reducing ability, or a power strengthening one that brings them over 9. Nanook doesn't have any ability, so most abilities or clan bonuses will beat her even in the mutual bluffing situation.

And Warren doesn't seem so bad himself. He'll go up against even 8 powered cards, increasing his power to 10, and it can be a pretty simple win even with most abilities. Am I missing something here?

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