Wednesday 16/01/2013, 16:04

Nightmare Take to the Streets this is an event promoting the new Nightmare pack:

this event will be from 16-01-2013 to 21-01-2013

this will be a one round event

22 players and 6-8 staff members

the staff plays as the Nightmare clan, posting their respective decks for the players to see (Extended 34 decks must contain uchtul and Ozzy no leaders) (decks posted in french section)

the players each choose one of the remaining 22 clans to help defend Clint City (first come first serve on clan choice)(28 star max decks no leaders)(decks posted in spanish section)

the players must post the deck they will use before the start of battles

deck changes are not allowed (and should not even be needed with the decks posted)

each player to defend against all of the attackers will win a prize donated by staff

1000 clint entry fee

player with the most points gets the jackpot

Nightmare Take to the Streets

Wednesday 16/01/2013, 21:31

Event full sorry.


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