Saturday 26/01/2013, 03:17

Hi guys i'm wondering if i should buy Clover or not for my Deck she is currently 7.7k is she really worth the money????

Saturday 26/01/2013, 05:35

What kind of deck are we talking about?

Saturday 26/01/2013, 07:06

Deck with ULU half

Saturday 26/01/2013, 11:08

Can you be more vague? Post the cards that you have in your deck so that we can comment

Saturday 26/01/2013, 17:56

Also, which format will you play with it? I'm guessing DT, but all your other posts about a deck are here, so...
By the way, the best DT strategy is 2HKOas fast as possible. You don't get lots of points per battle, but you get more battles. Try Junkz/Uppers.

Sunday 27/01/2013, 02:20

I already bought her actually and here's a deck that i came up with


Luckily got to 48 with it


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