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Thursday 14/02/2013, 00:19

Ok im willing to sell/ trade my amirals, the prices are:
19x amiral coco full 2.2k sell/2.4k trade
22x amiral coco 0xp 2.3 sell/2.5 trade

the cards im looking for are:
Bangers: Blaaster Cr, Willy, Bodenpower, Shann, Juicy ord
Frozn: Sah Brinak
Jungo: Bragh, Niva, Sylth, Ongh
La Junta: Bryan, Ray, Naginata, Emeth
Piranas: Ahkab, Blodh, Scubb, Rhed Cr, Lizbeth, Hawkins
Rescue: Aurora, Kerry, Steve, Marco Cr
Vortex: Dagg, Dregn, Shaakarti, X-Odus, Oflgn

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