offline 0_Less Senior  
Saturday 09/03/2013, 19:49

I will accept 8.5m in SE
guru cr + 1m cash or 1.2m cards
no bulk cards under 50k
i value him 8.75m is other trades that include playablye cr's
also willing to add 4 jackie full + tessa cr full for kiki cr full

Pm for negotiations

offline chiefjewrow Senior Time Conquers All
Monday 11/03/2013, 13:18

Whats your value on 11 kerozinn cr 0xp?

offline Final-Doom Colossus Heaven Destroyer
Monday 11/03/2013, 18:08

I have kiki cr and accept your offer; i've already sent you a private message, i hope you answer

offline 0_Less Senior  
Wednesday 13/03/2013, 12:59

I pmd both back and the kero lot I value at 3.4m

offline 0_Less Senior  
Wednesday 13/03/2013, 17:29


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