offline chiefjewrow Senior Time Conquers All
Monday 10/06/2013, 04:19

Due to all the new face showing up in clintz city not to forget them new wrestlers Flesh Pimp has hit a all time low, hes almost Swagged out. losing his custoumers due to the fear of getting attack by the many clans in the street and his girls are to afraid to walk his streets.
now Flesh Pimp is looking for new girls to walk his street seaching high and low all though out clintz city. he want his Swagg back OG Swagg

fee : 1000 clintz
deck format : elo half decks (4and 4) and only can use female card
max plaers : 32
event type : 3 stright battles, point system
prizes:1st - jack pot, Charlie 0xp and Flesh Pimp
2ed - Louise 0xp and Flesh Pimp
3rd Wanda 0xp and Flesh Pimp

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Clint City, night.