offline elasen Senior  
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 23:25

I ACCIDENTLY SOLD MT Dalhia Cr for 500 Clintz thinking it was Coleridge! I know it's my mistake but the UR staff have a part of it too as usually cards cannot be sold for a price WAY below what it's worth!!! The player **** bought my Dalhia Cr in a matter of seconds which normally is deemed impossible! The reason I have named him as a "CHEATER/HACKER" is because he was Offline at the time!
This is my PROOF:

I was so enraged I messaged him straight after a couple minutes before he came online and saw that it seemed like his "lucky day" to give my card back immediately and that I would take action against him via UR Staff and Moderators. This was his reply;


Please do something about this as my main point is to put price exceptions on ALL cards including Cr's!
Also try look into this on his part because he is using software to automatically buy underpriced cards off the market which is against the RULES.

I have nothing to play the game for now so I'll probably quite because how can I enjoy a game that's not fair?!
Thank you for reading.

edit: Please use a contact us form for this. RG LoA

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offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Wednesday 26/06/2013, 21:26

Then it's not his problem it's yours
i have done this too i sold raed cr for k in place of 11k

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