Friday 30/08/2013, 13:14

What does series mean in this mode?

i won several match and had x-survivor...
then i left the game and after 4 hours start again and won.
instead having (x+1) survivor, it was reset to 1 again!?

Friday 30/08/2013, 14:12

Yeah, the mode cuts the series' after 30 minutes. You can take a break, but not too long one.

Tuesday 03/09/2013, 07:56

Copied from (Game Modes -> Survivor)

In the middle of a series, you must suspend play for a maximum of 30 minutes in a row. After 30 minutes, you'll automatically receive your Jackpot and will be reset to a new Survivor. "Playing" means finishing your battles, not just staying in the room.

This basically means you have 30 minutes to play between matches before your score gets reset to 0 smiley

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Wednesday 02/10/2013, 21:09

Booby is right. No wait, he's wrong! smiley

Wednesday 02/10/2013, 21:19

Nnbandit, be inventive, don't copy n paste, that's against the rulez! smiley


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