offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Thursday 24/10/2013, 15:18

A weekend devoted to the attack in the Coliseum : Brawl from friday
october 25 at 2pm CET (8am EST) to monday october 28 at 10am CET (4am
24 stars, no defensive ability, and no 4 or 5 stars cards ; everything based on a 12 life points / 12 pillz format.An advanced deck building and 40 matchs to bring you to victory and win numerous prizes.All details on the Coliseum page.

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offline -NN_Sarphyrox Imperator  
Monday 28/10/2013, 15:53

Every player wishes for the higher prize. if i do wish for the higher prize, what should i do?

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Monday 28/10/2013, 15:54

Prove that you tied for the higher ranking in score and bug the staff member who organized the coliseum.

offline tgh02 Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 29/10/2013, 02:35

Ranking concerns when multiple ties were decided by 2 methods: this was confirmed & distributed by UR staff earlier this year

1. In each Event description, UR will STATE clearly that ties will be awarded identical multiple prizes.

2. In events that UR doesn't promise to award 20x identical prizes to 20x tied players = the LAST player to register that score will receive the highest ranking.

This is confirmed in previous Coliseum threads & by players who tied but the Coliseum server ranked them lower because they scored first on Friday, but another player with Exact score finishes his last match before Coliseum ends.

This is why many players leave 3-5 unfinished matches until the last hour of each tournament.

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