offline Saga Admin La Congrégation de l'Ombre
Wtorek 03/10/2017, 13:27

Enough is enough! Hawkins always felt that he was cut out for adventure.
So at Sharky Burger's, upon hearing about a bunch of ingenious kids who
recently recreated a medieval court with dragons, swords and duels, he
felt his blood boil. Of course, his Piranas buddies are doing their
utmost to talk him out of it, chalking it up to fairytales, trickery and
other such nonsense... But when you're a twelve-year-old, with a broom
in hand, and your only dream is to relive the greatest heroic legends
from your parents' library, allowing yourself the slightest deviation
from what could turn out to be your life's quest is not an option. Not
to mention that that traitor Oon is already said to be there, to be sure
to find it! What a nerve! His bundle, a short message to Bloodh (in
case he would have to return sooner than expected) and off he goes to
Orfan Woods. In the forest, Cannibal Jo has been trying for some time
now to wipe out the memory of the horrible features, foreshadowing the
worst cruelties, before Impera Sloane interceded and knocked her out.
But Jo knows this truce to be short-lived. The matter will have to be
dealt with promptly! Luckily, Cannibal Jo is a quick study who
immediately grasps the meaning of the expression “solve the problem
fast”. To do so, she will have to return to the cabin, but you don't get
anything for nothing down here. To Pr Cushing, the issue seems to run
deeper. He caught a glimpse of Cristalys in town. His greatest success
will also turn out to be his greatest nightmare. What a beauty,
independent and self-sufficient. Never would he have dreamed of creating
such a complex being all by himself. But now she is going to hunt him
down, chase him, make sure that her secret remains intact. She cannot
allow hers and Dregn's origins to be brought out into the open.
Shouldn't have played with chemistry... it can be dangerous. 3 bundles, 3
departures, 3 crossed destinies. Farewell to Hawkins, Cannibal Jo and
Pr Cushing.

The program is as follows:

- Market close-down until Friday, October 6th 11AM

- Droprate x2 on Cannibal Jo in Titanium packs and Droprate x3 on Armageddon

- Collector transition on Monday, October 9th 11AM

Let the hunting begin!

offline Chris Volt Colossus  
Wtorek 03/10/2017, 22:28

Dewastator, wg mnie to już zależy od interpretacji smiley Nie każdy będzie rozumiał sens zdania tak samo i tylko ten kto to napisał zna 100% prawdę smiley Tak więc, mniejsza szansa na spotkanie w paczkach jest prawdziwa i zostanie Cr'ką także jest prawdą, w tym i tym przypadku "...te 3 postacie staną się o wiele trudniejsze do zdobycia..." smiley Oboje macie rcję smiley
No i skoro i Ymirah i Xantiax Robb są Cr, to czemu Quetzal ma do nich nie dołączyć, skoro 2 z 3 wymienionych stały się Cr smiley

offline Qwasim Imperator Kill Em All
środa 04/10/2017, 03:34

Ja tam mam tylko profesorka, ale jest bardzo zacną kartą

offline Dewastator30 Colossus Kill Em All
środa 04/10/2017, 05:48

Nie mówię, że może kiedyś nie dołączy, ale nigdy nie pisali tak jak z każdym crem że od tego dnia nie będzie ich w paczkach, sprzedaż w markecie zablokowana i dopiero po zostaniu crką będzie odblokowana. Napisali taką wiadomość i każdy zinterpretował to jak chciał, gdybym pomyślał jak predator to po odczytaniu tej wiadomości mógłbym ich sporo nakupować bo nie zostały zblokowane w markecie.

offline Kosiarcia Colossus Dark Fighters
środa 04/10/2017, 10:58

A jakby tak rzucić to wszystko i wyjechać w Bieszczady...

offline rikokos Colossus Polish War Machines
Czwartek 05/10/2017, 11:53

smiley Mam Cannibal Jo uff smiley

available Nygeryjczyk Titan Gwardia
Czwartek 05/10/2017, 13:20

Tylko przed wyjazdem pamietaj o kolegach

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