offline ChaosDragon88 Admin Heaven Destroyer
Piątek 06/10/2017, 10:37

This weekend, we will modify the rules of the Tourney.

Special deck rules Tourney Type 1:
Your Deck must be balanced: all the Clans must use the same number of characters (Leaders is not a Clan).
Your Deck cannot contain less than 2 Clan(s).

Special deck rules Tourney Type 2:
The sum of the characters levels in your Deck must be at least 32.

Special Tourney additional rewards (Type 1 / Type 2):
1°-10°: 10 Tokenz Bronze

All the modifications will be online only in this specific weekend, starting from Friday at 12.00 (GMT+2) and until Monday at 11.00 (GMT+2).

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