offline 1Fujiwara Evo Guru  
Friday 24/11/2006, 10:51

Anyone have a dj korr?

offline KW}Fresh2Def Senior $$KILLER_WAINS$$
Friday 24/11/2006, 18:23

I have one but can we trade instead?

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Friday 24/11/2006, 18:31

Look like an hoax.
Ask to see the card first if you are trying to exchange very rare cards.

offline KV SecaDanEVO Senior  
Saturday 25/11/2006, 15:24

It's not necessarly. It's clear for me that he hasn't a DJ Korr Cr

offline 1Fujiwara Evo Guru  
Monday 27/11/2006, 13:56

I don't do trades, because i don't have any doubles for sale, clintz for cards only...but thanks fraggle and secadan

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Clint City, day.