offline OKA-Kevinkun Guru Organized Konfusion Academy
Monday 11/12/2006, 06:47

To all my kababayan the schedule of the tournament (for those who don't know the exact time) here are the following times:

5:00-6:30AM (to be exact)

A public service reminder from Shinn-Ae member: ~-Untouchables-~

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Monday 11/12/2006, 11:36

Hey hey may kulang
1:00 am-2:30 amsmiley
maili ung mga 8 mga 10:00-11;30smiley

offline lokesieweng Senior maplesea
Tuesday 12/12/2006, 04:34

Can we be friend

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Clint City, day.