offline El tio2 Imperator  
Tuesday 12/12/2006, 00:50

Make your offers aslo accept trade

offline MisterMoo Hero Army of Darkness
Tuesday 12/12/2006, 01:24

Hmmm, giving away is different from sell/trading

offline Cheunger Titan  
Tuesday 12/12/2006, 04:11

I'll offer you some clintz and maybe some cards. what are you thinking?

offline Ryoku Guru  
Tuesday 12/12/2006, 06:07

How about Hugo and 2000

offline 0- Kimiko Master  
Tuesday 12/12/2006, 13:28

500 clintz..... smiley

offline apostolis Novice  
Tuesday 12/12/2006, 14:46


offline El tio2 Imperator  
Tuesday 12/12/2006, 23:02

Hey ryoku i accept you offer, i'm sending you the card, send me yours after you get mine

offline KnehhenK Titan  
Wednesday 13/12/2006, 12:21


offline vasilesonic Novice ROMANIAN FIGHT CLUB
Wednesday 13/12/2006, 13:02


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