offline Maizky Imperator  
Tuesday 12/12/2006, 10:54

Vickie, Gertrud, Syd Noze, Methane, Eyrton, Vermyn N, Ambrose, Feelyn, Thaumaturge, Yayoi, Caciope, Dragan, Dorian

They're all Fully evolved! Buy them!!Trade for other cards/clintz!! Let me hear your offers!!

**I am looking for LEADERS, Don, Boden Power, Jenny, Latitia, Lost Hog, Xia Leming, Macumba, Jackie, Graksmxxt, Gaia, and Chloe...

offline KnehhenK Titan  
Thursday 14/12/2006, 23:39


offline Maizky Imperator  
Friday 15/12/2006, 08:14

Thread is closed....thanks everybody...

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