offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Wednesday 13/12/2006, 09:19

Time to boost up the deck
buying all stars except(lamar,eyrton,alexei,striker,lewis,flo,kimberley)
200 each except for bhudd make ur offer here

offline Deliverance Veteran  
Wednesday 13/12/2006, 13:44

I got




All fully evolved, let me know if you want them

offline OKA-Kevinkun Guru Organized Konfusion Academy
Thursday 14/12/2006, 07:35

How much 50 or more clintz?

offline NANODamnation Hero  
Sunday 17/12/2006, 07:16

I got..........

Alexei (U) - 2

Bhudd (U) - 1

Eyrton (C) - 1

Katsuhkay (C) - 1

Lewis (C) - 2

Mikki (C) - 1

Striker (U) - 1

........ take yur pick............. i'm willing 2 sell dem cheaper than market price........

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Sunday 17/12/2006, 12:57

Damnation, how much are you willing to let go Striker and Alexei then?


offline NANODamnation Hero  
Monday 18/12/2006, 06:46


I'm willing to let

Striker go 4 - 400 clintz


Alexei go 4 - 450 clintz

(both are below market price)

- PI-Damnation

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Monday 18/12/2006, 07:47

Ok, Damnation, just checking. Both are at their lowest level right? If that's the case, I'm in. I'll buy both of them for that price. Let me know.


offline Two_faced Imperator  
Monday 18/12/2006, 13:07

Wow. PI-Damnation, can u reserve the striker 4 me? i'll give u 500 clintz if u im sooo broke ryt now

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Monday 18/12/2006, 13:48

Unless Damnation's got another one, I've already bought them. smiley


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