offline AoEM Tarr Legend Army of Elite Mercenaries
Tuesday 02/01/2007, 03:03

I think that the rate of 3 Cr cards given per week is inappropriate cos if we take you have 3:25 chance of winning and about 1:4 to end up in top 25 (there are about hundred skilled players out there) you will have to play about 10 years before collecting all Cr cards... Sure, you can also buy them on market - but it will be somewhere over 10 milion clintzs (which will cost about 3.000 euro) or you will have to play two regular tournaments per day for about 15 years always ending in top 10 to earn 9M clintz... so I think that the Urban stuff should find another way how to distribute Cr cards among us players or increase number of cards given per one ELO tournament... I've already spent about 100 euro on this game and believe me that it is more than enough for student like me... I like this game much but I wont spend neither 3000 euro nor 10 years of my life just to collect Cr cards... I hereby call upon other players to support me in my request!!!

offline Alex Coelho Novice  
Thursday 01/03/2007, 21:08

smileylol you

offline Gazelle28 Imperator  
Thursday 01/03/2007, 23:32

Rogueknight, yep, you are definitely out of your league. Check your grammar first before you insult somebody. With regards to playing ELO, they have changed it. And, please tell your english teacher to provide a grammar tape for you. This is not an insult, this is what they call constructive critisism kid.

offline wmd angelo Colossus  
Friday 02/03/2007, 12:42

Well , we close this argument while it supposed to argue about th ELO tournament( and not about sarcasms), by the way Kv Raven won 2 cr in two weeks , so you guys can see that it's possible...

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