offline Ynexounemai Master Kjeldoran
Tuesday 02/01/2007, 07:45

I was playing this game for many times. and it really annoys me if you know the ability, power of card or some sorts of technicals thus MOST of the times it doesn't apply after all. system miscalculation?
yeah thats why most players lost because of LUCK. hope credits acquired can buy LUCK. smiley

offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Tuesday 02/01/2007, 08:22

Well thats why the danger room has no randomness...i know that im no Admin but if you sick of losing because the other player was lucky then the danger room is for yousmiley...hope it helps


offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Wednesday 03/01/2007, 00:48

Yup I know what you mean. We've all experienced that before and yeah it can be a little frustrating when your winning or losing depends on luck but as what Suicidal has mentioned, that's why the Danger Room is there. Have fun!


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