offline Tief Blau Veteran  
Saturday 03/03/2007, 05:59

I just began playing this game today and I believe that I%u2019ve started off fairly well participating in two tournaments ranking in the top 40 my first time (where I started in the middle of the tournament) and within the top 25 in the second. smiley My starting cards consist of Natrang, Brutox, Meyen, Vryer, Flyer, Diego, Wanda, Globumm. I've levelled all my characters to their maximum potential.

Since I entered the Safe Neighbourhood players seem to have become harder and continuously fighting other players doesn%u2019t seem to be beneficial anymore. I can win around 40% of the time with gains of around 20xp per win and 7 or less Clintz. Oh and I don%u2019t have a means of paying for credits and I don%u2019t especially plan to either. At this rate I doubt that participating in tournaments will earn me a decent amount of Clintz, though I guess if I stay in the top half of the rankings I%u2019ll still be able to get a single credit. So I%u2019m wondering what step I should take next. smiley

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 04/03/2007, 04:20

Weak???every card is not weak my little friend everyone has its strategy not just the cards that it will make win...for sure lotus flower should participate daily tourneys and should make like minimum of 10 wins
i hate people who calls noob when theyre one of them

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Sunday 04/03/2007, 04:28

I think so Lotus Flower, i'v been pondering that for a while and I believe that the current cards given to new players are indeed @ random, maybe to stop multiple account buying and selling fraud or something like that. smiley
GGs anyways! smiley

offline Tief Blau Veteran  
Sunday 04/03/2007, 09:06

0-Ashe-NN: Yeah I've been able to pull off some wins against players with stronger cards with some careful planning smiley (and a bit of luck doesn't hurt smiley )
0-JP NN: When I was playing in the Welcome to Town room yesterday everyone seemed to have fairly poor/mediocre cards, some using the same sets as I did. (though I was still getting used to the game back then so I might have missed noticing some level 5s smiley)

I lost my "plays very fairly" status today because of a strange bug where I was challeged by someone else when I was already in a battle smiley Oh and by the way I%u2019d just like to thank everyone being so helpful thus far smiley I didn%u2019t think that I%u2019d get too much of a response from the community but now I'm amazed at many people have replied smiley 20 credits is going to take a while to get but I guess I'll get there eventually smiley

offline Tzleou Veteran  
Wednesday 07/03/2007, 21:51


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