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Wednesday 14/10/2009, 20:39

Matthew awaking with the excellent mood and he decided to visit the most famous museum of Moscow - Tretyakovskaya gallery. After looking the remarkable work of the most famous artists of Russia I proposed him to visit “northern” capital of Russia - Saint-Petersburg. City with an enormous quantity of bridges and the paved roads. That you can make the most excellent in Saint-Petersburg - this to be walked on the bank of river Neva. Visit Cruiser Aurora and to admire by new fountain.

After our jaunt, Mathew said that to it time to continue his journey. He go to the solar Kazakhstan toward the player with the nick - Kinbaku.

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Wednesday 07/07/2010, 02:02

Anyone wondering where Matthew was these last 9 months? Here’s what happened:

Matthew journeyed to Kazakhstan with Kinbaku fully intending to continue his world tour towards fulfillment. However, once Matthew arrived, he quickly found himself caught up in infatuation. The girl, Ladia, was 25 years old and native. Very beautiful too. Before Matthew knew it, he had forgotten about the tour and instead focused his attention on the girl, whose charisma pulled him towards her like a Siren. No more than a week later, he was sleeping with her, well aware that he would soon be leaving Kazakhstan to continue his world tour.

As days passed, Matthew grew closer and closer to her. Whenever Matthew wasn’t exploring Kazakhstan’s treasures, Matthew was in Ladia’s loving embrace. Tomorrow was the day that Matthew would move on to Uzbekistan to continue his path to fulfillment, yet Matthew could not muster up the strength to tell his lovely Ladia about his imminent departure. After careful consideration, Matthew resolved to flee at night so as to not be tortured by Ladia’s plea against the separation of their love. As soon as Matthew had packed his bags and abandoned his hotel room, he received a text from Ladia: “Meet me at my room. It’s big.” Feeling weak at heart, Matthew met up with Ladia. “I’m pregnant”.

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Wednesday 07/07/2010, 05:14

The news was shocking to say the least. Matthew experienced a complete change of heart, and in this instant, decided to travel no longer, but instead to live out his life with Ladia. He spent month after month in Ladia’s company as he watched the young life within Ladia grow. At 7 and a half months, Ladia suddenly began experiencing sharp pains. With pain quickly escalating, Ladia was rushed to the hospital. The baby needed to be taken out now or else both she and her son, Mathias, named after Matthew himself, would perish. Ladia was rushed into the OR, still full of living, loving energy for her Matthew. Such was never the case again.
Matthew was devastated. He had lost his love, his son, and nearly 9 months. Emotionally distraught, Matthew decided to end his world tour. Pillz and love were evidently not the answer to Life, nor was it any “good news” as he previously believed. It was time to tie up his foolish meditation and return to the real world. And so, Matthew took the first flight back to United States, to be reunited with his loving family after a year and a half of separation. Matthew greeted his parents with heartfelt hugs. Over dinner with his family that night, Matthew divulged the events of his world tour. It was an amazing experience, but it was surely time to return home.

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Wednesday 07/07/2010, 05:15

But his mother thought differently. “You will never have another chance to experience anything so spectacular. Enjoy this stage of your life while you can. You have much more to learn from the cultures and individuals all around the world. Stay with us tonight, but tomorrow, continue your journey around the world.”

And with that, the second leg of Matthew’s World Tour began. Next stop: Oh, Canada!

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