Saturday 02/05/2009, 22:05

What do you think is the worst card in the entire UR game?

In each clan?

Worst CR fighting card?

Worst ELO Banned card?

Sunday 03/05/2009, 05:02

The worst ELO banned is any card that has damage,SOA,and attack!

Sunday 03/05/2009, 05:17

The worst cr card is a tie between

Chikko Cr and alderbane cr

both are 4/4 no ability smiley

ive playd Freaks Pussycats, La Junta, Montana, Uppers, Jungo, Junkz, Roots, Sakrohm nighmare and GHEIST

by far the worst is diego aka "go die" 2/3
and Ogoun Kyu is a horrible 1/5
Nobrocybix is also 1/5
yuck Bob Joby 1/6
Globumm 2/3 with SOB makes it not that bad

Sunday 03/05/2009, 09:21

Fang Pai Chan Mini Muso power 2 dam 4. courage +2 and Tatane is 3/5 no ability.

Bangers Tunned a 3/4 no ability is horrendous

GEIST Igniss 4/1 with Damage = opp damage horrible

Monday 04/05/2009, 05:39

Page Cr and Melissa Cr are worse, I believe.

As for the worst card in the game.... Gary is bad for a 5*. Tunned, horrible 3*

but I give the award to Ogoun Kyu.

Ogoun Kyu can't stop Kolos. Can't beat Copper.
Ogoun Kyu with 12 pills can't evne beat Bob Joby with 3.
His only saving Grace is his ability to beat card like Python , and any card can do that.

Monday 04/05/2009, 06:08

Is there really such thing as a worst card ever?

Monday 04/05/2009, 06:28

Aw i saw that once and it made me laugh

Monday 04/05/2009, 07:03

Worst elo banned card is a tie between DJ Korr Cr and Kiki Cr..smiley I really don't know the point why banning those cards..smiley

Monday 04/05/2009, 08:07

I disagree with Josh chikko could be used a 1 star filler and pretty good for begginers

Monday 04/05/2009, 09:02

Worst card is any card I blame for losing a match. It's never mine own stupidity. It's always a card. smiley


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