Wednesday 27/05/2009, 07:57

Please read the GAME'S will answer most of your questions and will help you in the game..

Where can I get my free Leaders?
-when you reach certain levels, you get free Leader/s, you can check the link in your homepage to get them

Can I create a dual-account or a multi-account?
-that's a big "NO"..duals and multis are not allowed here, we will deal with them as appropriate..using duals and multis for cheating purposes will likely get the duals banned and for repeat offenders, banning of all the accounts will be an option

What are blacklists and how do I avoid them?
-blacklist is a form of sanction you'll be getting when you cross some lines..(you will not be able to send messages, post messages, talk to friends, communication with you will be blocked)
-the most common forms of blacklistable offenses are: direct insults, DT cheating, ELO cheating, scamming, card theft, fixing fights, multi-account usage and others more (basically, the usual negative things that people do, for more info regarding blacklists, contact one of the Mods)..depending on your number of offenses or how big the issue is..we can move further by banning the much as possible, we don't want to go there

What is Customer Support and where do I find it?
-suggestions, technical problems, SMS codes, Alopass codes, credit code and card theft problems, are to be directed here

Tuesday 13/04/2010, 16:37

I applied to a guild but now I changed my mind. I want to leave the guild and apply to another one or just make my own guild. How do I cancel my pending guild application?
-on the left side of the screen you will see your profile name, rank, player level, clintz, credits, avatar, flag, and smiley. In the same area there is a link that will lead you to the guild you applied to, click that link. When you are already in the guild's page where you applied to, you will see several links and options, click the "Leave Guild" option. After that your pending request will be canceled and now you can join another guild or create your own (if your level allows you to create a guild).

Tuesday 13/04/2010, 16:41

I have more attack than my opponent but why do I still lose?
-It is called random wherein the higher attack doesn't always win (unless you get a sureshot which is you must have at least double your opponent's attack)

How do I set random off?
You can set the random factor on or off in your profile details/preference located in your profile page. How?:
1.Go to your profile page
2.Click change your account details and preference
3.Select "Your Preferences"
4.From there under "I always want to use these settings to play" you can select Normal, No Random, or Setting of the room of your opponent.
5.Click "Validate" to save your preference.

Tuesday 13/04/2010, 16:51

I'm looking at the message boards and I want to see more messages and threads per page, is it possible? Yes.
1.Go to your profile page
2.Click change your account details and preference
3.Select "Your Preferences"
4.From there adjust the numbers on the left side of these options:

Number of subjects shown per page on the message board
You can set this to: 20,25,30,40,50

Number of messages shown per page on the message board
You can set this to: 10,15,20,25,30,40,50

5.Click "Validate" to save your preference.

Sunday 25/04/2010, 06:58

How do I make direct link to presets? guilds? players? events?

STEP 1 - type this in
Type in any of these

STEP 2 - add the number
Add the number for each that you see in the full URL, no space. This is an example of what you'll see in the URL if you go to my profile page:

STEP 3 - you're done
player[:]167625 (without the brackets around the colon) links to me, while guild[:]157954 without the brackets would link to my guild and so on.

An easier way would be just to copy the last part of the URL you'll see above and replace the = with a : and you're done.

copy the last part which is player=167625

replace the = with a : and you're done.

Thursday 08/09/2011, 05:54

Betting and Gambling..what's the staff's take on it?

We do not promote or recommend them. Do these at your own risk. We will not return losses. As such don't contact Moderators regarding losses on your end if you never get you prize from betting or gambling with other people in the game.


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