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Friday 15/06/2007, 15:16

Guide to Elo for beginners - Deck Building

Elo can be played if your level 20 and the sum of stars is 25
I made this thread,so people will know what deck to use and why use some of those cardssmiley
Deck Compositions:
-Pure maxed cards in the deck requires cards with a good combination of abilities and power and has excellent bonus to "interact" or "combo" with each othersmiley
la junta-12
jane ramba-3


*with this deck,you can make a fury for a second round on your junta's to end the gamesmiley,pussycats will also worksmiley

-Unevolved CARDS???As prefered by some of the best players,they use some commonly good cards that has good power to use as level 1 or higher,some are like:gwen,noon steevens,chad bread,skrumxxt,charlie,yayoi and more,you may see no combo with these decks are you making with unevolved cards but you will stay "huge" against your opponent

*commonly,pussycats are the best choice if you like to go on this unevolved cards,it will make you deck wide and more defensive,try this one(raven's deck):


all stars-15

Well that is all,Good Games to all
PS:Moderator if your reading this,please make the subject sticky

offline mahawirasd Imperator Immortality
Wednesday 17/10/2012, 02:36

+1 What steelie said. Nevertheless, that same reason makes rescue somewhat "weak" since their major gap makers are still quite costly. Montana is a bit similar, but montana has the advantage of still being effective as half decks, thus allowing incremental investment rather than having to go all in on rescue.

personally, i started out with montana half deck to supplement the starter pack cards and slowly replacing the less useful ones as i went along.


offline FallenJeh Senior Legendary Knights
Tuesday 11/08/2015, 03:02

Hi im a newbie here at lvl 16. When i reach lvl 20 i wanna play elo. smiley i have a a piranha deck. Can you give me an idea on making a deck with piranhas. Should i build a mono or half? And btw please tell me the cheap ones since im a begginner

offline OC_Yoshi Imperator  
Tuesday 11/08/2015, 15:50

Nice find lol. Dead threads are always cool lol.

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 11/08/2015, 20:36

Remember when Flo was a viable choice for All Stars?

Me neither.

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