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Wednesday 05/10/2011, 00:49

As a fan of UR History I thought this was something worth sharing.

Is anyone compelled to do an ACCURATE French-to-English translation of this "History of ELO" by 0 LISBETH?
[Link at very bottom]

Though I can only read some of it, it looks VERY well done.
Ideally, could the volunteer(s) translate in correct context and not do a simple "copy and pasting from google translate." This kind of project should be done with grammatical finesse I think smiley

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Wednesday 05/10/2011, 05:22

Can't wait!! smiley

offline MasterfuI Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 05/10/2011, 16:17

Can't wait? I hope thats code for...
YOU'RE volunteering to work on this project Medivh? smiley
Cause I don't have the time to do it. I have other project(s) with higher priority
I.E. the 3rd draft of UR History. It has the MOST edits than any other timeline I've made...

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 06/10/2011, 21:42

(Tempory translate useing google lol).

Urban Institute Rivals Top 100 - History of the ELO

After more than five years spent in the streets of Clint City I decided to organize a large survey about my favorite game mode: the ELO. Especially on the many champions of this mode.

Imagine that in 5 years I have seen a parade of players, not least.

Also, before you talk about how, purpose and results of this survey and particularly interested in knowing the major players back a little behind with a brief history of the ELO mode, which since the arrival of Urban Rivals on the Internet in March 2006 has evolved steadily, not without difficulty, with early hazard to the lives of 14 points today.

At the beginning, the ELO plays only with hazard.

June 12, 2006: Proposed establishment of a competition ELO monthly beginning on 1 July 2006.

1st July 2006: Kiki Cr, DJ Korr Cr and Cr are prohibited in General ELO

1st August 2006: The effect of chance is reduced during the resolution of the fight.

August 19, 2006: After many cheats rewards for the tournament in August of ELO are suspended.

August 24, 2006: Rapha (DA-rapha), STY (STY OM) and Chewbaca (JEDI-Chewbaca) already address the interests of the Quick Battle to avoid playing against the same players and refuse the challenge. Finally the next day and having sanctioned cheaters Fraggle (Fraggle) give the prizes to winners. Cornelius aka BS BS-evo-horn today, won the tournament with an ELO value of August 1451, it anticipates Dadoo (1Dadoo Return) with a value of 1391 and Deus (Deus Mac) with a value of 1381. The top 25 stood at 1,334 for the month of August to 25th place with a Karon (Choup69). On the same day Vickie Cr ELO is prohibited.

August 27, 2006: Creation of Fairplay by Angelo-1f (1f-angelo)

September 4, 2006: The tournament format changes ELO and became weekly. The game mode is available at 20, doubles are not allowed and the sum of the levels of characters in the deck must not exceed 25. A random distribution of prices is established. 3 random players in the top 25 ranking will receive a collector. The "10 players at random from the remaining players will receive a personal rare" becomes "10 rare cards will be distributed among the first 150 players." All participants will receive according to their value Clintz ELO.

September 11, 2006: New Clan, All Star.

September 17, 2006: The guild is created by Simspon Gang Karon (Choup69), it later became the Rage Against Unfair.

September 20, 2006: Dr0ne (Dr0ne) proposes the creation of a Hall of Fame for ELO.

16 October 2006: Guru Cr is banned in ELO.

November 27, 2006: Jackie Cr, Wanda and Baby Q banned in ELO.

December 11, 2006: The danger zone is a room without hazard where you can play any format (ELO, normal, TQ). Now everyone is free to choose whether to rely on random or not.

January 19, 2007: New management of dropouts and timeouts: 10 battle points (-8 in ELO) and defeat the game.

January 22, 2007: Player of the Seven ® ® Lejdn-Team (player: 52223) won his third in ELO and Collector in less than a month.

February 14, 2007: Cheaters will be banned from the ELO mode for 2 months and / or may have their account permanently blocked.

March 20, 2007: A survey is conducted by the staff of the characters banned in ELO. Should we change their stats for the new permit in the game or should we leave them as is and simply ban the ELO mode? Players will hold the second option.

1st April 2007: Wee Lee and Tanaereva ELO is prohibited. Fraggle (Fraggle) states "it is not forbidden them to return one day" =)

April 23, 2007: credits are added to the prizes for the tournament ELO.

April 27, 2007: New Clan, Freaks.

May 28, 2007: From now on, when you play in ELO mode you can not challenge the players with a score between -50 and + pts 150 pts against your own score (it will increase to -150 / +150 thereafter).

July 8, 2007: Alexander BRZ (alexander BRZ) becomes the first player to pass the bar in 1500 with a score of ELO 1509. We can consider this value as the first record "official" of the ELO.

July 23, 2007: Angelo (1f-angelo) first, with an ELO value of 1530 and 4ACES (4ACES) then, with an ELO value of 1532 in turn become the owners of record ELO.

August 2, 2007: Reorganization of game rooms ELO The fighting is now done in two rooms: Fights Fights and ELO ELO (no chance).

August 25, 2007: Added the rule of Sure Shot and ban GraksmxxT in ELO.

August 30, 2007: Raven (TPFKAR) appropriates the record with ELO ELO value of 1534.

October 11, 2007: The minimum level to play in ELO from 20 to 15.

October 26, 2007: New Clan, Rescue.

November 29, 2007: set up an automatic ban of the dominant clan in ELO in the previous week. The number of characters Collector to win from 3 top 25 ranking at 10 among the top 100 ranking. 30 rare cards are up for grabs for other players whose value is greater than 1000 ELO in the first place in 1150 and from January 2008.

January 5, 2008: Lamar Cr and Marco are banned in ELO

February 26, 2008: Appearance of public presets that can be published and shared.

May 26, 2008: Lyse Teria Cr, and Cr Alec Zatman are prohibited ELO, Wanda and Baby Q reauthorized.

June 2, 2008: Angelo (angelo-1f) is the new owner of record with ELO value of 1560

June 6, 2008: New Clan, The Piran.

June 16, 2008: Now in theaters without risk, in case of attack equal, the player controlling the lowest level of personal gain, and both characters have the same level is the one who attacked wins. At the same time KillaSe (Killase) won his third Collector in ELO and third Kiki Cr!

July 21, 2008: The Battle Quick and visibility indoors ELO become mandatory, refusals are prohibited.

December 22, 2008: New Clan, The Jungos.

March 20, 2009: Appearance of the honor roll.

March 23, 2009: The clan system disappears completely forbidden. Zatman and Marco are no longer allowed. A voting system allowing players to choose which persont ELO will be allowed or not for the tournament the following week is set up.

May 17, 2009: Annette (Annette Se) beats the record with an ELO value of 1566.

June 19, 2009: New clan, the Skeelz.

September 8, 2009: Kolos, Hawk, Marco, and Ratannah Zatman ELO is prohibited.

October 19, 2009: Miaouchat (Miaouchat) won his 15th in the ELO Collector (Berserkgirl Cr). He becomes the player who won the most Collector in this mode of play

December 6, 2009: TOTO-MAD (MAD-TOTO1510) is the new owner of record with ELO value of 1588.

February 20, 2010: Romain (Romain 0) ELO beats the record and became the first player to pass the bar in 1600 with a value of 1604.

May 13, 2010: Suppression of the ELO practice room.

June 18, 2010: New Clan, Vortex

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 06/10/2011, 21:45

August 2, 2010: Test ELO and appearance of characters banned temporarily

August 9, 2010: Soufiane (7 S0UFIANE) won his 15th Collector (DJ Korr Cr) in the tournament ELO. He joined Miaouchat (Miaouchat) in the ranking of players who won the most collectible in ELO.

August 28, 2010: Six months after Romain (Romain 0) 4ccro (4ccr0) seizes the ELO record and becomes a value of 1622 the second player to pass the bar in 1600.

September 13, 2010: Smokey Cr, Cr Caelus, Charlie, Wanda, Shakra, Sylth, Striker, Hugo, Morphun,
Eyrik, Amber and Eklore are prohibited ELO

December 25, 2010: Robin (Lw-fight-cr) is the record to 1627 ELO.

January 31, 2011: Copper, Bridget, Rolph, Rowdy, Lou, Shann, and Emeth Oshitsune ELO are prohibited. ELO mode changes and "experiments" are launched. We go to 15 hit points first, then 14 points of life afterward. The semi evo is prohibited.

And it ends with the evolution of ELO record:

25/12/2010 - 1627 - Lw-fight-cr
28/08/2010 - 1622 - 4ccr0
20/02/2010 - 1604-0 Romain
06/12/2009 - 1588 - CRAZY-TOTO1510
17/05/2009 - 1566 - To Annette
02/06/2008 - 1560 - 1f-angelo
30/08/2007 - 1534 - TPFKAR
23/07/2007 - 1532 - 4ACES
23/07/2007 - 1530 - 1f-angelo
08/07/2007 - 1509 - alexander BRZ


A jury in proportion to each generation of players, carefully selected and consists of over 300 players (301 to be exact) has made known and recognized in this ranking as follows:

Among a list of about 150 players, each jury member has 10 players ranked in descending order ELO (first to tenth) that we scored more than others on the game whether ELO tournament organized or in event. Also, as the jury candidates were often, they could not vote for them. Similarly, any jury could vote for a player who was not in the basic list.

In total 168 different players who have been cited at least once by the panel of 301 players.

The calculation of points was as follows:
The first player has collected 25 points - 20 points Second - The third, the fourth 16 points 14 points
5th 12 points - the sixth 10 points - 8 points The 7th - The 8th 6 points - 4 points The 9th
The 10th and 2 points.

The top 100 will be to take no as an absolute truth but simply as an indication. The results and the process can be challenged without worries. Here we sought to establish a rating of "intelligent" and "intergenerational" and "best" elected by their peers.

You will find below the 100 players who have the most ELO scored the game between 2006 and 2010 both in ELO, tournament or event organized. Them (the events) have become the majority when the recognition of the talent of a player.

Before I reveal the rankings here first all players who have been cited at least three different jury and do not appear in the top 100:

Simb4 (Simb4) - Taupyak (Mad Taupyak) - Ethnic (DA-Etnies)
Il Gatto Nero (Miaouceb) - Yamuri (0 YAMURI UT) - Zeph (DA Zeph evo)
OAL MikouSan (0AL-Mikou SAN) - ZouziX (ZouziX) - bubs (bubs 0M)
YK Reira (YK_Reira) - Qjon (0MystiQ QJON) - P3dro WHP (0 p3dr0 CG)
Fenrir (Fenrir 0) - Rockakaz (RocKaKaz94) - Ganesha (Funkadelist)
Kawa (6Sims-Kawa) - Stern (-stern-) - Christian Lord (Lord Christian)
Kekos The Fool (The Madman Kekos) - Selphie (0 Selphie) - Ago (0 Bama)
Salakyss (Salakyss) - Fana (MC-Fana) - Mad Nano (nano nanouille)
Slyden (0 Slyden) - Mad Nadir (Nadir Fou) - Soa (Safran)
Ch3ir (GH-Cha3iR-HIC) - Reynald (LB-Reynald) - Dadoo (1Dadoo Return)
Se-Bartizz (DandyFritz) - UK Toto (--- --- Nolucky) - Sand (Sand-7RG)
Slibdo (1F-Slibdo) - Damslerat (damslerat) - Dazban (dazban)
Mad Capo (Capo The End) - EE Virgil (Vergil-Meow) - MAGO ((UFO) IL_MAGO)
Mea (LOOSATOR) - UnluckySE (Unlucky-4ever) - S13 Yamamoto (S_13-yamamoto)
Dior (O Samaha) - YK MaryBu (YK_MaRy Buuuu) - Pusso (Pusso)
Lejdn (7-lejdn-7) - Toti (-Toti-) - Possimpible (Possimpible)
Chris (6sims-Chris95) - Poy (EVE-Poy) - Crooz (0 Crooz evo) et Guess (-Guess)

Thank you to Jule (EvE-Jule-ZSX) for bios of the top 10, revised, corrected and embellished with a title by me at Angelo (angelo-1f) and Spagr (spagr) for all their small details that were very useful, and any players who have participated directly or indirectly to the survey. Finally I would like to thank the players with whom I started my business and without which Urbanian during these years was almost zero, so special thanks to Charles, Leo, Quentin, Dominique, and Anne Gilles, they recognize ... if they pass by.

"The paths traveled through the struggles you are led in this place," said Tolkien ...

Here gissent the most famous fighters who populate the ELO legend, those who have scored more than the others ... - from day one until today - so we are not forgotten.

First and Pillz GOLD: Miaouchat

Points: 2675 points (7.6% of votes)
Number of times cited in the first place: 44
Country: Switzerland
Join Date: 10/06/2007
Guild: The guild's purr Supreme

3 success to remember:
- Tournament Round By S3MPR3
- Restriction 2 & 3 By LISBETH 0
- Record the number of CR earned ELO: 15


The cat is a kind of Swiss UFO in the history of high Urbaniana. Relatively quiet on the forum where other "specialists" of the ELO love to bicker, it will monopolize the top of the standings with an impressive regularity. Without firing a shot, week after week, month after month, is named on the first page of rankings. A kind of robot in the arena, which reaches its target all the time: the right place for the CR.
Jack of all trades, it is recognized in the world of events, exceeding the gamer picture ELO regular but limited: it is no longer concerned only for his repeated presence in the top 25, and made a name for 1vs1, this few players have managed to Urban. Not just a manipulator pillz outstanding, it will create the guild's Supreme purr feline around him, recognized in all Urban Guild around its charismatic founder.
Miaouchat, today extended break, scoring the game by the density of its performance, always at the highest level in all disciplines of the game but the real tour de force has been not to take seriously, creating a knit community and stopping when the game was not suitable, waiting for better days.

He said:

"The world of ELO, this is far from Finding Nemo"

Second and Pillz MONEY: 1f-angelo

Points: 2575 points (7.3% of votes)
Number of times cited in the first place: 41
Join Date: 20/08 / / 2006
Guild: Fairplay

3 success to remember:
- ELO record holder twice
- 43 games without defeat in a row ELO
- Victorious ELO tournament 21 times including 11 in just 3 months


Difficult for a history of great players Urban Rivals to ignore on Angelo. Arrived in August 2006, when his first week he put his name in the top 25 require. Very soon he will understand all the mechanisms of the game, criticizing the staff is doing with 1f-angelo and others, the apostle of ELO without hazard. Its beginnings are marked by Fairplay, guild he created with his girlfriend and falls, like the hum of the guild's highest, in a good-natured gathering of the best players ELO.
Its beginnings are shy, and is a regular player in the top 25, there is no spark in the top 5. However, in late 2007, many of the players who scored the game so far, halt, ELO is the end of the cycle, and the new version will be placed under the sign of Angelo. Punctuated by a fierce rivalry with 4ACES until it was downgraded to cheat, Italian align a top 21, unbeaten record. His 1560 will almost 10 months has to be beaten. More importantly, behind this peak shape, Angelo still Toper.
It spans the years as a person, including immediate, seeing the list of prohibited, regardless deck is playable. It is this force that makes one of the best Angelo ELO player in the history of Urban Rivals.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 06/10/2011, 21:53

71st MIM (Man In Motion) - 132 points
72nd Matmagic (0 matmagic) - 130 points
73rd C4li3l (0 black lotus) - 126 points
74th Karon (Choup69) - 124 points
75th KV Braker (KVBraker23) - 123 points
ZSX Jule 76th (Eve-Jule-ZSX) - 121 points
77th Greed (greed__bzh) - 120 points
78th Moss (-m0ss_RIP) - 119 points
79th Demolish (-Demolish-) - 118 points
80th Sos (-GoldRoger-) - 118 points

81st Manfred (Manny_The End) - 117 points
82nd Whitaker (Whithak) - 116 points
83rd BRZ Alexander (Alexander BRZ) - 115 points
84th KilluaSe (killua_SE) - 114 points
85th Kaori (6sims-ka0ri) - 112 points
86th Sista 0 (0 Sista12) - 111 points
87th Spagr (spagr) - 110 points
88th-2f Angelo (cthulhu94) - 107 points
89th Gent M (Marc0o0o) - 106 points
90th Jordychat (MC_Aurore) - 104 points

91st Light (- Light -) - 103 points
92nd SE-Rastadam (SE RastaDam) - 102 points
93rd Ganon (-G4non-) - 102 points
94th Forinho (forinho) - 101 points
95th Ne2s (0 Ne2S) - 101 points
96th Lilkoud (Lilkoud) - 100 points
97th Mayu (Mayu_X) - 99 points
98th Vegoliv (0AL-vegoliv) - 98 points
99th Milo (0 Milo) - 97 points
100th S3MPR3 (S3MPR3) - 96 points

Here, you can now turn off your computer and resume normal activity.

Thank you to BS-horn-evo for moderation

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