Saturday 02/10/2010, 16:11

Truly International and Multicultural. We have no tall claims. Our aim is to build a strong international brotherhood to emphasise excellence through fairplay and promote this great game that unites us all.
Minimum Requirements:
=> A good sense of humour and a firm sense of fairplay.
=> Level 50+ with ELO 1300+ OR 40+ WITH an ELO of 1400+ at the time of application.
We boasts 60+ members who are ELO1400+of which, 12 are 1500+.
We have perhaps the liveliest board in Urban Rivals, with great minds interacting for one and only pursuit, gaming excellence. Main features of our board are a dedicated ELO Helpline, ELO deck building tutoring, DT and DM tips and tricks, and a dedicated economy thread that gives you sound investment advice.
Our members don't just play ELO, we make a good fortune on the side as well! We believe in prosperity through peaceful co-existence.
We are E X C A L I B U R.
Why not walk in and see what is going on?
Our allied guild URBAN MADNESS
******Important Note: Strictly no spam permitted in this thread. Apart from UR Staff and mods, only Excalibur members or prospective applicants/visitors need comment in our thread.******

Monday 11/10/2010, 20:12

smiley super guild for super players smiley

Monday 11/10/2010, 22:20

Lol i was one of the first to notice how mainframe was a guild hopper hes not a yoyo though is more like a frog or kanguru

yet for what i know of him he is an ok friend

Monday 11/10/2010, 22:36

Hey you guys are excellent in experience maybe you guys could in some what help the golden star academy.

Even if a member of your guild would come to ours just to make it a true academy (how to join Excalibura aka Elo of 1300+ lvl 50 guide) could be a thread on the forums

Tuesday 12/10/2010, 01:25

@Yurieu: Check our presets and ask help from your admin. smiley We don't just help any guild because if we did, we'll have our necks full of invites from young guilds. As much as possible, we only help those within our guild and alliance.

Tuesday 12/10/2010, 01:30

I dnt knw if i can join this guild cause im not an ELO player but if anyone can answer that question for me that would be great cause ive been hearing lots of good stuff about this ELO EX guild smiley

Tuesday 12/10/2010, 11:56

You can of course join us if you wish, my friendsmiley You are a high level member and very active. Rules are not engraved in stone, you know what I mean? Please send me a small note when I am online, and I'll open our gates for yousmiley

Tuesday 12/10/2010, 14:56

Actually, you can just PM any online admin and say you have merlin's consent. smiley

Tuesday 12/10/2010, 16:40

Alternatively, you can pm Merlin and just say that you have any admins' consent. It works either way smiley

Wednesday 13/10/2010, 05:58

Or simply just pm merlin. smiley

Wednesday 13/10/2010, 06:16

Hope to join this guild soon...smiley


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