Saturday 02/10/2010, 16:11

Truly International and Multicultural. We have no tall claims. Our aim is to build a strong international brotherhood to emphasise excellence through fairplay and promote this great game that unites us all.
Minimum Requirements:
=> A good sense of humour and a firm sense of fairplay.
=> Level 50+ with ELO 1300+ OR 40+ WITH an ELO of 1400+ at the time of application.
We boasts 60+ members who are ELO1400+of which, 12 are 1500+.
We have perhaps the liveliest board in Urban Rivals, with great minds interacting for one and only pursuit, gaming excellence. Main features of our board are a dedicated ELO Helpline, ELO deck building tutoring, DT and DM tips and tricks, and a dedicated economy thread that gives you sound investment advice.
Our members don't just play ELO, we make a good fortune on the side as well! We believe in prosperity through peaceful co-existence.
We are E X C A L I B U R.
Why not walk in and see what is going on?
Our allied guild URBAN MADNESS
******Important Note: Strictly no spam permitted in this thread. Apart from UR Staff and mods, only Excalibur members or prospective applicants/visitors need comment in our thread.******

Saturday 16/10/2010, 21:12

Join the best elo guild now!smiley

Sunday 17/10/2010, 02:54

@Merlin: Thanks for recognizing my efforts. smiley XC wouldn't be the same without the original members like you and me and I'm hoping to contribute more for our guild for many more years to come.

@Vince Solar: You got that right, man! Keep living the elo dream. smiley

Sunday 17/10/2010, 03:27

Join the best ELO guild ever!!! smiley

Sunday 17/10/2010, 05:36

I always will man, and its nice to meet yousmiley

Sunday 17/10/2010, 11:37

@Vince: likewise. smiley

New admins: Icarus and __rufy__

Monday 18/10/2010, 03:45

We have threads that cater to all your posting needs (e.g. music, game consoles, presets, vids, jokes, spam, and more!) so join now and post away! smiley We need more spammers. smiley

Monday 18/10/2010, 10:34

You dont talk about imaginary people by any chance do you? smiley

Monday 18/10/2010, 13:59

No, that's what you do, elchew. We only talk to real ppl. lol smiley

Monday 18/10/2010, 22:45

Elchew still believes that I am a legendsmiley

Tuesday 19/10/2010, 02:44

The divine merlin is both imaginary and real. smiley


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