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Introductions and Recruitment

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Thursday 11/11/10

2 messages
English WP_Half Wtz - subject is closed
Hi im level 11 and i think i have won more fights than i have lost.

Im going to be quite active and im looking for a guild to help me out

Please message me if your interested in me
10 messages
English zharaa - subject is closed
Iam a 26 yo girl so I would like a mature(r) guild. Im lvl 15 now and Im realy getting into the game. My best win was agenst a lvl 102
But id like a fine group of people to help me to the next lvl
6 messages
English HoA - Zero - subject is closed
Hey Guys , Im Zero , I Was Going To Make One Of These A Long .... Long Time Ago But I Forgot To.
So Yeah ...... I like Giving Cards Away And I Spent 6 Months Doing Nothing But Watching The MArket And Helping Me Guild. I Love To Get New Friends , And I Talk Alot And I Am Online Everyday. I Hate Elo XD , But Am Not Horrible At It. Im The Current Founder Of The Cunning Gambit Academt ( Academy Guild Of The Cunning Gambit ) Due To The Real Founder Being Away. I Love Buying Stuff And Selling Stuff , I Trade And Do Loads Of Things Too. I Dont Know Why Im Saying This But Ma Great Friend ( HHM EOL Akuri ) And If It Wasnt For Me I Wouldnt Like Playing This Game Anymore XD.
I Get Credits Every 2 Weeks Usually 70 Or Rarely 140 .
I Enjoy Chatting
I Hate Elo ( Just Saying It Again )
And I Like Fried Chicken

Thanks And Peace !!

Wednesday 10/11/10

1 message
English Lethal Dosage - subject is closed
Support is given to all members so sign up here if you're interested
" target="_blank">http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_
2 messages
English LightningSaix - subject is closed
10,000 BPM a guild devoted to all things; techno, hardstyle, jumpstyle, trance, etc...
Sign up!

3 messages
English cervidal - subject is closed
Howdy all,

Been enjoying the game, on the verge of level 15 after day two. The tournaments are a hoot, especially when I upset level 60's.

I've been digging through some of the Clans, been really getting a kick out of the Freaks, Ulu Watu, and Rescue, though I've only used the first to any great length.

I was hoping to get to chat up with someone/anyone really familiar with those groups who could point me in the right direction of what I should be picking up to start and what I should be aiming for down the line.

Holler if you don't mind taking someone under your wing and passing along what you've learned.
1 message
English ebil kev - subject is closed
Wasup everyone, just trying to find some quality players (lvl 25 and up) who play frequently and are active members. if you meet that requirement please feel free to apply.

Tuesday 09/11/10

1 message
English -- 69 Toto -- - subject is closed
recruit level 40 you just ask to be active in the forum

has the price soon

by 0 Thomas
5 messages
Español reaper t_t - subject is closed
Any lvl is acepted n o one will b turned away.We will help u over come challenges and we will help u in any way we can.this guild will mainlly b active every day espesially me u can find me on in 3am.we will discuss things about clans and elo Etc.so if u r looking for a guild look no further and join I.C.E TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17 messages
English Out Of Style - subject is closed
Hello everyone! My name is Pwny! Nice to meet you!

I was going to make one of these a long time ago, but I guess it slipped my mind... And about 43 levels later, I decided that I should. xD

About me:
-I LOVE the Junkz and Freaks.
-Founder of . (Currently very successful!)
-I love to make friends!
-I always take time to listen to anyone if they need help or just need someone to listen to.
-My favorite UR card is Sting. I like Sting because of her art and how awesome she is!

Other people say that I:
-am 'Insightful'.
-am friendly.
-am random.
-spend too much time online.

Of course, there's a lot more than just that. Feel free to add me if you like. Of course, I'm always ready to talk, so if you're looking for some time-killing or you have had a bad/good day, or you just want to make a new online friend, PM me!

Out Of Style
1 message
English MF_Dragonist - subject is closed
"The dragon is a perfect marriage of power and the will to use it." -Sarkhan Vol
This guild is one for the people who want to excel at this game. Anyone from any level can join. Just PM me and I'll get you in.

Go here to apply:

4 messages
English Thymos - subject is closed
New guild looking for smart, talented players to join. You don't have to be high leveled, you just have to be able to play well with what you have. You must be able to read and write english. Must be an active player and have a high fair play rating. Benefits, if you are talented and have potential, but not the cards then i can help you in getting the cards needed, to a certain extent. Looking forward to possible candidates.
Monday 08/11/10

3 messages
English Bigogre - subject is closed
Highest ELO:1312
Two Stars
Hero Ranked
95% Fair play rating
Only level 25, but Im very active.

Looking for an active guild all offers considered.
Sunday 07/11/10

23 messages
English Chainsawhead - subject is closed
Tired of joining guilds and finding out they're as active as the local graveyard? Want to be among fellow strategists? Want a reason to check your guild's message board? Well, look no further, The Harbingers of Ares are here, and ready to battle all guilds who think they're funner than us! What other guild has events, contests, and as many opportunities to improve your collection and become a MASTER OF WAR?

We're currently looking for:

-Level 35+
-Must be ACTIVE! How else would you participate and win in our FABULOUS contests?
-And last but not least, must be able to have FUN!

Send me a message or one of our admins to get started on your training to become a HARBINGER OF ARES!
4 messages
English suggsie baby - subject is closed
Hi guys (and girls) my name's Joe, I used to play a fair bit of urban rivals before a career change left me unable to do so.
Im now however pleased to say that Im back =) so naturally im looking for a fun group of active people to enjoy the game with.
I mainly play T2 survivor and use the deck http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1050246
Look forward to hearing from you all =)
5 messages
English xxGrReapeRxx - subject is closed
I am shopping around for a guild that is a lil more active then my current choice. I play elo, horrible at it, but i play. I can be found mainly in t2 deathmatch and survivor. If anyones intrested let me know what u offer and if u r active
18 messages
English Kate - subject is closed
Join ! in the

Mp Obladi-_,Vlad-_ for questions about the team .
this is a guild elo.

Thanks mod
2 messages
English IM_Futura - subject is closed

This guild is for the people who are free of fear in battle,
when push comes to shove will you pull your enemy out of comission.
No one is impossible to beat, if you get the right skills you can do anything.
Knowledge is power, and you have the key to this knowledge in commission.
Join and make friends, come join the future of UR.
Vince Solar helped to make this guild
In alliance with Mirror Bound
-Level 30 and up
-Must be active in the guild message board
-Must make at least 1000 bps month(unless theres a good excuse =P)
-Must be respectful
-If you haven't visited the game for more than 60 days you will most likely be removed.
2 messages
English Pinoy1423 - subject is closed
Hi .. i need a guild

Im 14 yrs old
Im Filiipino
im elo and type 2 player
i use different clans
7 messages
English xNipple - subject is closed
The guild i am in at the moment isnt very active, nor is it very well-known. anyways, i want to join a guild with many active members and a good reputation, and also dont mind the fact that im level 14 (for now, anyways). i am very active, chatty and hav a great deck for my level

here is the link to the preset i use atm(not my own creation):
Bangers Only
also, here is a link to my best win with the deck:* screenshot):

i wil regularly use the forums of the guild, attend events and tournies that dont cross over with school times, and generally help out friendly people and the guild with game tips and advice. i am english and can't speak other languages well, so wud want a fully-english guild. hope u can help a fellow player out

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