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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Saturday 09/10/10

28 messages
English Auralie - subject is closed
My name is Auralie. I am lvl 39 almost lvl 40 and am currently trying to place high in DT's. I am looking for a guild that would help me further my ability to compete, and is pretty active. A guild that utilizes the chatroom would be very nice too.
4 messages
English Yurieu HoA - subject is closed

we are a guild with lots of inactives members and we need some active members to mae this a excellent guild.

So please join us and after you join we have more info on the forums
Friday 08/10/10

2 messages
English HC IACB HH - subject is closed
Well this is a retry on a many failed attempt at getting this guild going. At the moment the guild is known as Hell(Leader was in a rush i suppose ) and I am not sure if a guild name can be appealed to be changed. So, with that said, we are Hell's Core We are a new(quite literally it seems) guild that plans on being relatively small but tight. We are lowering the level requirement because 30 seemed to be a bit too high. So we are currently accepting applications 20+(we have several members at much lower and they seem to be very inactive so we are kinda using them as a weight to stop the guild from being destroyed ) Also we want active members on forums and have a fair rating between the smiley that sorta looks like this: and this Also, although not required, it would be beneficial if your main language is english or can speak english fluently enough. Once we get some members we have many events planned out with other guilds that we are good friends with(ally possibilities maybe? ) So, if you think you have what it takes to roam in the worse place on Earth, join and watch your step, it never cools down here(i sadly have nothing better for a joke at the moment)
Thursday 07/10/10

2 messages
English king of jungo - subject is closed
Im just looking for a small english speaking guild that is active and can level up decently quick that is active on the message board please p.m. if u wanna have me thank you
1 message
English DzRT T3RR0R - subject is closed
Come join the Underworld Demon Elite!! Its a new Guild so that means I need new members!!!! Any level can join and with your help we can make this Guild one of the strongest there is. I want this guild to be known for its fairness and its strength. I want people to recognize the Guild as one of the best. But this is only possible if you JOIN ASAP!!! Join the Guild and show that you have the Burning Will!!

11 messages
English ath-duarte - subject is closed
I seek a guild active on the play and the forum.

I am an active French player, level 48, creator of lottery and competition.

I seek a guild in order to be able to make me friends and to improve my English.

thank you with the regulators

Wednesday 06/10/10

4 messages
English Ultimate_Evil - subject is closed
Are you losing just about every battle? I can help. Need help getting stronger? I can help. Want power? Do destroy other people under your thumb? Then the Guild of Evil is calling you. We, at the guild, will make sure to be tough on you, yet help you along the way. If you feel the need to be a bit bad... join me here:
And remember... STAY EVIL!
Tuesday 05/10/10

1 message
English Ragmaan - subject is closed

Do you want to join a guild so people stop pestering you? Do you want to maintain an ambivalent state? Would you rather just have a guild that you can be impartial with and not have people you don't know bemoan their troubles to you? Look no further! Don't worry, I promise you don't have to care.

Join now if you are in the mood, I guess.
2 messages
English Chilled Guy - subject is closed
Just keeping this as short as possible,
Join; The New Evolution Guild
This guild is for everyone from all around the world and it is mainly just a guild for learning and helping. This guild will help you to become your best.....So JOIN TODAY

Kind Regards
Chilled Guy
3 messages
English soultec - subject is closed
Im new 2 the game , tring 2 find a guild that can help along with Urban Rivals.i got the basices of the battles but dont understand the tornaments and what not yet . i i'm looking to play . so im here if ur looking for recruits
1 message
English master_yoko_0 - subject is closed
We are here to rid the world of all of her demons!!!!
discounts on all of the double characters i get!!!!
1 message
English chriscapone - subject is closed

I am looking to build an elite group of executioners. People with not only skill, but the will to carry out that last fatal blow.

I just want people to have fun in this guild but at the same time be excellent gamers. If you feel you can fit this role please join. Please be active. And go forth and execute to the best of your abilities
Monday 04/10/10

22 messages
English PrairieStorm - subject is closed
I want to join a guild of at least 200 members,that have events where I can get more female cards.
13 messages
English irishko21 - subject is closed
Hi, I am new to Urban-rivals and just learning the basics on deck creating and batteling, i would appreciate learning from experienced players in order to develop better skills. I would be interested in joining a Canadian guild that consists of a few experienced players. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
16 messages
English MABanator - subject is closed
We our a guild with one goal, world domination but that takes time so right now were just hanging out on Urban Rivals having fun. We currently have 7 members We accept all Americans that's right there is no minimum level so join us now!
Sunday 03/10/10

47 messages
English PriMinizZztA - subject is closed
People player:8159646 and I are gonna raise a guild wich specializes in Trading, Pfull creation
and making Clints , now we both have our own respectable guilds Spaghetti Tricolore and
Urban Holland Elite so we will share leadership and keep TrAitorzZz up and running that way ,
though we for sure need people manning the station and keeping business topics up to date
and fuel our aims in this , it is to be a free place in UR were the best mechanisms
and tips involving trading on the forums ( EN. IT. FR.) the market and pfullproduction will be shared ,
only way to get a pass is if you are from a befriended guild (will follow in the guild description soon)
with a vow from your leadership to get to study here,
( we dont want our knowledge given to people with bad habits )
OR known by either Mercante or me Personally , if you dont know us no problem you can get to know us
PM us

Since we are excellent traders we have a couple things in common : Humor , social skills , market insight
money energy and enthousiasm commercial insight , but mostly the ability to share

Now if you feel like taking some time off and study with permission from your own guild OR you wanna join our guild for a longer time, we are looking for students and for admins also to man the guild permanently
start will be first of Oktober PM me for getting the first places and be clear about your wishes , short or long stay etc. since we are intent on building a longlasting guild,
3 messages
English Sh 4ne - subject is closed
Looking for a guild, that's it really.
5 messages
English owButtacup Ld - subject is closed


Im XC-Manager, or cross country manager, not E X C A L I B U R -manager.

I'm here to look for recruits for a growing guild.

Our guild is founded by SirElric, and famous filipino player in the message baords.

If you have a sense of pride for the Filipino Flag, join us.

Any level welcome.

We're currently at 34th at the filipino guild rank.

If you wanna become admin talk to us since we can't play that often.

So join K-Stars to day, or Katipunan ng mga Pinoy.
4 messages
English wurmz - subject is closed
Newborn ," target="_blank">http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_, need players to survive.
Two more to go and we're safe.
No such vision or mission as world dominating or role playing,
we just here to have fun and create a better community.

Anyone from any country able to communicate in English are welcomed,
No level requirement, active player is preferred.
9 messages
English XC-BkHaNz - subject is closed
Add on to the Board when created and if needed!
Hello all i am Tu-Bkhanz co-founder of Ex guild NEW MOON and Loyal Admin Of The Unforgetables. We are a high British Ranked Guild but open to any country originated and love to Interact with Others. We are Currently Levels 41+ and are ranked 7th in the British Rankings and Are Highly Active and Usually Astounding in ELO when Participated. We Have minimum of 2 events per Month Of which Have Great Prizes. We also have very talented Players of whcih can make Awesome Display Pictures For Free If Good Friends Or Guild Mates. Look at mine made within the guild!
So, if you are looking for a good positive attempt of A Guild i recommend The Unforgetables!
Thanks Tu-Bkhanz

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