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Friday 26/11/10

8 messages
English Jane_Jania - subject is closed
I'm an ELO player, not really into T2 fights. Highest ELO is 1307... well my only ELO . One week into the real game, wondering who actually reads these posts. Give me a buzz if you are interested. My only requirement at this time is that English is the primary language
6 messages
English On3- Zecueid - last answer from On3- Zecueid, Friday 26/11/2010, 08:53.
Dawn of the Leaders - http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&subject_page=0&id_subject=1625453

Vickie was raised in a small farm. However, when you find out she's the Don's mother's niece's second cousin by marriage's god-daughter, it all becomes clear to her that she can become somebody. After she was sought out by Don, she joined the Montana clan and immediately became one of the most feared in the clan.

She met Lyse Teria who was also equally respected and feared in the clan. Lyse Teria was from an ordinary family but does not have any family connections with Don. However, Don had always treated Lyse Teria as if she is his daughter. Vickie was close to Lyse Teria as the time passes seeing her as her equal. Until one day when she received news that Lyse Teria died in a mission. She couldn’t believe the news and asked Don what was the mission about in order to obtain clues for what had happened to Lyse Teria. But she was shocked that Don was not interested in it and stated that Lyse Teria was a disposal. By that time, Vickie then realized that Don does not care what happens to the people around him even though the person is very close. That’s when Vickie started plotting to overthrow Don.
5 messages
English Agito_King - subject is closed
Hello everybody!
Some people might know me (lol I'm just being modest)
Well the time has come to join a new guild...

I'm a DT and DM player, I suck at ELO
I like guild that is very active and hopefully, I can come along a few times during the week while playing mostly on the weekends
A guild with many giveaways I guess, cuz I like those... (and I'm pretty poor)
Overall, just a fun guild that I can join and stay in for a long time!!!

*note: During some periods of the year, I am fully active, but as of now, I am semi active (due to a lot of work) hopefully you don't take this against me!
1 message
English zymlar - subject is closed
Limited time only! Join Awesome Sauce-the active sauce guild! Think you're potent? Climb aboard!

6 messages
English Pomsta - subject is closed
Hello. Im playing UR 1 year but i want to start my journey with it once again. Im using noob GHEIST + Uppers deck. My lvl is not as big as every1 wish but ill lvl as fast as i can.
Thursday 25/11/10

3 messages
English SlyViper - subject is closed
I am active get quite a few bp's a week/month and well i am known as a guild hopper but i am just looking for a good guild tp stay
4 messages
English T_Supreme_S - subject is closed
Any Level
Any Country,but must know some English
Open to improve yourself, not reject some criticism
Must not quit(purposely)
Green or Gold smiley

Superb, Losers, Achieving, Countless, K.Os, and Earning Respect Slowly
My guild is all about the underdogs I don't care if you lose many times, but if you quit just leave now. You need losing to become a better hence the achieving KOs part. I'm here to lend you a helping hand and I hope to make a tight knit guild. Then slowly people will give you some respect on losing than quitting. Any level and any country is allowed to join(at least know some english) Naruto is prime example of a S.L.A.C.K.E.R he is kind of the guild's mascot. : - )
Join here at The S.L.A.C.K.E.R.S
Wednesday 24/11/10

2 messages
English hockeyman88 - subject is closed
Its an awesome guild for level 10+ who are chilled players who want to have some buds on the site to talk to and battle!
6 messages
English Other Factor - subject is closed

Banner: http://i51.tinypic.com/2hmk9r4.jpg

This guild is more about making friends, and having a good time, rather than worrying about battle points, and rankings. In other words, this is a SOCIAL guild.
There are no requirements, other than being at least level 5 (site requirements not mine)

I have also set up a special chat room for all of our members, located here; http://xat.com/stepmaniaparadise2
There's a special place underneath the chat where I can display all our different UR achievements (right now it's populated by a small Pokemon daycare lulz)

So come by, and have fun
2 messages
English zymlar - subject is closed
If you rock and want a totally sweet guild, click below!

2 messages
English SupaAsuka - subject is closed
Hello.Im from australia and im wondering whats a good clan to use and reasonably cheap.I started with all-stars/Fang Pi and i dont wanna go GHEST,Sentinel or skeels or even junks.help?
4 messages
English WEREWOLFOF91 - subject is closed
Tuesday 23/11/10

1 message
English Hinokami - subject is closed

If you seek knowledge and power above all else join project phoenix, the next urban rivals legend.

level 15+ only please. must be active.

recruit your friends, make new ones, and share battle winning strategies each other.

if we all help each other, winning big in tournaments, ect. benefits all as we can fund collections and stronger decks
3 messages
English Cryptekz - subject is closed
Looking for a guild where you can sit back, pal around, get a tan, do some surfing, discuss strategy, and construct run on sentences?

Then the Ulu Watu Eco Conservation Guild might just be for you.

" target="_blank">http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id

A guild for Mono Ulu Watu Players to discuss strategies, trade cards, and form a community to help get the Ulu Watu message of Environmental Conservation a proper forum in Clint City.

Join us today, and see what difference a you can help us make!
Monday 22/11/10

7 messages
English ExtremeDemon - subject is closed
.........................I need a guild
Sunday 21/11/10

2 messages
English X_xxken - subject is closed

win must be higher than lose or at least even
green face
active in UR
and English speaking recommended (tagalog speaking are acceptable)

http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?idguild=1167929 join now!!!!
7 messages
English WeS_la6ue - subject is closed
Must be skillful in playing have a good number of cards _ViCiOuS_
1 message
English X_xxken - subject is closed
Jedi Card tricks currently recruiting
win must be higher than lose even if it's by 1
green face
English language
and must be active in UR

follow link for more info JOIN NOW!!!

2 messages
English HiFromBuddha - subject is closed
*Sigh* I'm a bit down because i left Heavenly heights and decided to move on.

Anyway I'm looking for a guild. I have no idea. Hmm preferably a fun one and not logical and no sense of
humour. Um yeah i guess that's it.
2 messages
English BiggieSmalls75 - subject is closed
Hey guys, I've been around UR for a little bit and am looking to become a part of a guild. Right now I run a mono Sents deck but am also interested into expanding my collection into other clans. If there is a guild that can help me do that, please tell me.

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